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Using Your Other Hand

No, I’m not talking about those intimate, personal moments, when we’re in the shower and feel the nice, hot, steamy water gently massage our sore back, and soap lathers our every inch … uh, where was I? Oh yes … my point for this post. I’m right-handed, and as such, use my right arm unconsciously throughout the day … carrying groceries, moving stuff, shooting hoops, playing tennis, and even clicking my mouse. So it stands to reason that my right arm fatigues quicker than my left during isolation exercises. So I’m making a conscious effort to do things with my left arm these days … just to see what happens. Anyone else do this or ever try it?

The same thing is happening to me,man.
Even jacking off leaves my delts,lats,traps and pecs quite tired.
Guess I’m overtrained and using my left hand wont make a big difference on the long run.