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Using X-Force Equipment Once/Week?

Dr. Darden,

if I was to incorporate xforce equipment into my workouts, would once a week training be sufficient without any other workouts? The reason I ask is I live 3 hours from the facility in Tampa, and I will be traveling for work to that area, therefore I would only be able use xforce equipment only once a week. I am 56, been doing 30-10-30 for about 6 months consistently this year. Was curious if you would add another workout of some sort to the routine?

Thanks in advance, dan

Try X-Force once a week and 30-10-30 once a week . . . and let me know what happens after a month.

what has been your experience so far with 30 10 30?
I’m 54. Loving it.

My new eBook on 30-10-30 will provide all the details. I’m really excited about it because it’s new and really result producing.

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Will there be anything in the book concerning diet recommendations? Or purely about 30-10-30? Also, I think you said it would be early spring of 2021 when it is set to be released?

Nothing serious about nutrition. I’m hoping the eBook will be available in another month.

Ok, I will do that…will be starting mid-december or after the the new year

After getting the hang of it(took about 2 weeks), it’s my preferable way to train

HURRY!!! lol.