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Using Women's Razors and Creams?


Just wondering if any other guys here who man-scape use razors and creams that are made for women? I need to go buy more stuff soon and the thought popped into my head. Makes sense to me, seeing has how they are formulated/designed to be used on the body vs the face. Though don't know if that design is legit or more of a marketing ploy.

Opinions? Thoughts? Experiences?


Your answer:


I've hit my summer sweater area, AKA back hair with some stuff my wife bought for herself. You gotta make sure its not too perfumey.


I grew a vagina when I started using that stuff. Be careful.


I use Gillette Atra. There was a Consumer Report article a while back that rated men's razors better than women's. For shaving cream I use hair conditioner, works better than shaving cream for me anyways.


Wow, thought I was the only one who did that.


Wow, what is this let's not use the search tool OR use your own eyes as the Big, Strong, Badass... Yet Sexy thread is on the first page.

Hair clippers to chop off all that long hair as that stuff will clog a razor faster then anything. Second, baby oil/hot water and a razor of your choice. I recommend a straight razor for your face because it's better, but for time efficiency + best shave, a three blade swivel razor should do the trick, going to the four or five blade is just too many razors and clog faster.

Hair Clippers - Long hair
Hot Water/Baby Oil - Lubricant
Three Blade Swivel Razor - Body Shave
Straight Razor - Face shave

Always use lotion afterwards, and when rinsing sensitive areas use a wash clothe to scrub the area as to knock out the hairs so you don't get ingrown hairs.