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Using WMS and Malto/Dextrose?

With the WMS vs Malto/dextro debate goings, has anyone discussed using both? Maybe splitting pwo drink in two? Having a WMS drink followed shortly by a desxtrose/malto drink. The cost wouldnt be too significantly different, and maybe the WMS would jusmpstart the insulin spike with the malto/dextro coming through right after? Just bored and out of class early and throwing around ideas, let me know what you think.


My training partner and I have used WMS and didn’t see a benefit over using our normal recovery drink (Surge), so I don’t imagine a blend would be any better.

I think this is one of those products that look good on paper, like HMB, but don’t pan out in the real world. Sure, you will find someone who says it works great for them, but the majority of guys I’ve asked about it claim no difference.

However, if you’re that board, order some and experiment.