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Using Vials from 3-4 Years Ago?

has anyone had an experience with finding a vial from years ago (3-4) trying it and having good results? The same with tablets? Thanks mates :muscle:

Not the same as tablets. Oral medications basically do not expire. Oil can go rancid. Very different things with wildly different outcomes if you take one vs the other.

so true, thanks for replying mate. What about the oil? if it goes rancid it means that it taste bad but we ain’t gonna eat it right? does it matter?

Hey guys, I have found a vial of primo in GSO from 2 years ago. Considering that the shelf life of GSO is a dew months…do you think I can use it? thanks.

I personally wouldn’t. You wont know if it’s bad until you get red and hot at the pinning site and need to hit a doctors office to get it sorted. Not worth the gamble of just spending another 100$ or so to get another vial IMO.

But that’s just me and there are people here with much more experience than I offer.

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please read semi slow in country western/cowboy/rustler voice

Everybody, listen to this man. He speaks the truth. You see, arg69 wanted to tempt fate, he had that holey juice and wanted it inside his body. He couldn’t simply buy another vial. You see, this was a left over from his best bulk yet, that cycle was like a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle on Christmas mornin. Just hit different, nawmean?

Some of y’all fancy readers may have noticed our dear brother in gains Mutant was a little late to let arg69 know. Some of y’all holey juice slammin freaks may have missed that, but you know, it doesn’t matter now, because we all know.

You see friends, mutant, try as he might, was 6 months too late. Arg’s gone, moved on, crossed over, met his maker, kicked the bucket. Sumbich is dead. That expired holey water had dungot the bacti in it. Poor fella never stood a chance.

Don’t be like Arg, use at good stuff.


IDK what’s better - that I fucked up and NECRO’d a 6 month old thread without realizing it (for some reason my “new posts” have been showing me old shit) Or that you typed all that out and i read it LMAO.

Absolute GOLD.

I learned my lesson. Check the dates before chiming in. LMAO.


Did you read it in the voice I chose? That was very important

Just giving you a hard time, idk why but for the last few months I’ve had quite a few really old threads show up magically under the new posts as well. I think @Chris_Colucci amd other mods are goi my into those threads and editing/modifying something in them and they system just bumps them up because of that.

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