Using Vehicle as Prowler/Sled?

Hi, I’m planning to use my mom’s van as a sled/prowler, while being unable to change the weights I was thinking I could manipulate leverage by going lower as it gets easier? I’m only going to use it once a week on Sundays, with my bro sitting inside so he can brake if needed lol.

Also I’m only gonna be doing this for 2 months at most. I’ve never used a prowler or sled so I’m wondering if its okay to use the van as one for now? Thanks.

For a prowler alternative a vehicle is great. If you want added resistance you can find a parking lot with a slight grade (or put the e-brake on a little bit - but the grade is a lot easier to work with).

I would not use a vehicle as a sled unless you have a very long tow rope. You could easily run yourself over and sleds have more ground resistance than a vehicle would. You can make a tire sled for less than $20 and it is really simple… that is your best bet.

Vehicle Push: Prowler Simulation
Sled Drags: Tire Sled

Hook the tire up to the back bumper with some weights in the tire; it takes the momentum out of the truck push and can really turn it into a grinder with a couple plates