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Using Two Shots to Get Full Dose

Dumb question, but if one were to say, want to inject 250mg test at once, but only had 1ml syringes (can’t hold the full 250mg), could you break up the 250mg into 2 syringes, inject both, and have the same effect?

In my experience yes.

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Yes, done this before for larger shots

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It is like taking one 250mg tablet, or two 125mg tablets.

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You might remember that i had a bit of libido sporatically on a 300mg every two week protocol. I was thinking of trying a 250mg every 10 day protocol to see if i can find more libido. This actually would be a larger dose based upon time frame.

I think my thing is that i need a greater spike in test… and more time for my body to process the E2.

More frequent protocols seem to do nothing…

Have you ever seen every 10 day protocols in your practice? Or do you think something more like 150mg once a week is a better route?

No, about 85-90% are once a week and happy with their results. Most of the others are twice weekly, with a handful using every other day.

I don’t know, maybe a larger weekly dose, 175-200mg. I would not be opposed to you trying every ten days though. I skipped a couple injections once and felt fine until the end of the second week, not too bad though. By the end of the third week I had enough ended ended the experiment. See what works for you.

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idk how you haven’t already experimented with these ideas.

You seem to have analysis paralysis. You’ve been doing what hasn’t worked for so long.

Just try something. Time is going to go by regardless. You’ve been dealing with this since early college you’ve said so it’s not like its been a long while already.

If anything go back to 300mg e14d and see how the effects work, then maybe work yourself into more frequency from there.

Or try once a week at 200 like @highpull said. You have a lot to play with, it’s time you start.

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how would anyone keep up with a once every 10 day protocol? That would be a serious hassle. Once a week is so easy.

I think i’ll try 150mg/week and go from there.

Something about the larger dose peak i think helps.

You should have seen some of the detailed training logs we kept back in the old days. Everything was documented, sets, reps, weight, total tonnage, average intensity, hours of sleep, bodyweight, blood pressure, injuries, diet, supplements, and…of course PEDs, right down to the time of day they were taken.


I shot 150mg last night. I switched from my normal 30g 1/2’’ easy touch to my old 25g 1’’ thinking that much test should go deeper into the muscle.

My question is is this necessary? I mean, i would prefer shooting the 150mg with the easy touch, but it won’t go as deep.

Does it matter really? Would 1/2 be deep enough in the shoulder with THAT much test?

this is silly. if it’s in the muscle, it’s in the muscle. I use 5/8 needles, and have done 3cc’s per shot without issue.

A few questions if you don’t mind.

  • The guys who inject twice weekly or more, was that their choice based on research, or the once weekly shots not working for them?
  • Are they able to use a little less since the injections are more frequent? My prescription for example is 140 per week.
  • Do any of your patients require HCG for anything other than feritility?
  • Do guys with preexisting gyno have to be more careful with these protocols? Mine seems sore no matter what protocol I use.
  • How important of an indicator is strong daily morning wood of a properly dialed in protocol?

Thanks in advance.

May wanna start your own thread…

Usually, with a larger volume, you’d want to use a longer needle. What’s larger? Probably .75mL up. Maybe over .5mL. What’s a longer needle, I’d say an inch to inch and a half.

Nothing wrong with trying .75mL with a half inch needle. As long as it doesn’t form a bolus, you should be fine. Even then, it’s not a problem except it may be sore and take a little longer to fully absorb.

I should mention that I was “broken in” with 1.5 inch, 20g needles for a couple of years before someone figured out 22g would work. They were still 1.5in though.

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Most of them felt too low before the end of the week, which for them, would be described as feeling significantly better 2-3 days post injection than they did 5-6 days post injection. Some, even though they were feeling fine, were moved to more frequent dosing in an attempt to bring down hct or E2. Overall, I give them a lot of options, and we thoroughly discuss the pros and cons of each. As I’ve mentioned previously, most choose once a week injections and do well.

Yes, though I don’t usually cut the weekly dose. I do if reduce it if trying to bring down RBCs or E2.

I discourage it except for fertility, but will give it to those who are concerned with testicular atrophy. Or if their spouse is. Some report it leans them out and therefore many of them ask to use it over the summer months.

If we are talking gynecomastia, then yes. I will use anastrozole with them. If it’s mastalgia, no, not unless it is more uncomfortable than what they choose to tolerate.

Not that much, most guys don’t care about that as long as things work when necessary.

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