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Using Two Pairs of Hand Wraps


I've always used one hand wrap per hand but heavy bag work (using 12oz Twins Special Gloves) leaves my knuckles sore sometimes. I weigh around 145 and am not much of a power puncher so I figured 12oz would be okay for me for all sorts of bag work.

How many of you guys use two hand wraps?

On the one hand, it does seem to provide more protection for the knuckles and the wrist.

On the other hand, it's more difficult to fully close my fist because 2 wraps are pretty damn thick. Punching with an unclosed may be dangerous too.

Anyone here using two hand wraps?


Rather than just normally wrapping two handwraps around one hand, I'd suggest you look for some wrapping techniques where you first make a kind of a stack of the wraps over the knuckles, then tie it. I sometimes use an old hand wrap that I cut in half and make those into stacks that I put on my knuckles before wrapping my hand, but that makes it really thick and its kinda hard putting the gloves on by yourself, atleast without fucking the whole thing up. Hope you understand what I'm going for here :stuck_out_tongue: .


Yup that sounds like quite a plan. Will try it out later. Thanks!


what length of wraps do you use? i use to use the normal length, and went to mexican wraps, which i belive are 180, and that helped for me. they are also more leastic and wrap tighter, too...

one thing i've been researching a lot lately is bare-knuckle boxing, and it brings up some interesting points of how boxing elvolved. if you don't do knuckle pushups already, i think that might help you as well...


I had this problem too recently, but I remedied it once I figured out that I was actually wrapping them too tight.

I noticed that when my trainer was wrapping my hands, they'd be fine after the workout, but when I was doing it, they were constantly sore. I saw that when he wraps them he doesn't pull the wrap tight between the fingers- that part is left just a little looser. It's not like hanging off, but its not like I did it- I used to pull that fucker down hard figuring it would help.

You also might want to use thicker gloves. I use 16's because my knuckles are prone to getting sore, especially when i was working on the 150-250 lb. bags.

Another thing you can do is cut a sponge and wrap it up in the wrap itself over your knuckles.

There's a reason guys like Floyd put so much padding over their knuckles when they're using those light ass gloves.


It's not the length that makes them Mexican wraps, it's the material. No full size male should be using wraps smaller than 180 inches, there's just not enough material.

You can get cotton wraps-traditional ones - or you can get the ones that have a small amount of spandex in them, giving them a little stretch when you pull them. These are the "Mexican style" wraps.

I started using Mexican wraps from TITLE last year and I've never considered going back. They're far superior as far as staying tight and not coming lose every time you hit a fuckin speedbag or something.

I agree on the knuckle pushups. I've also done some knuckle hardening stuff that I learned from karate back in the day to try and help.

remember though, bareknuckle boxing was VERY different. With no protection, fighters were very hesitant to punch to the face... lot more body shots and what not, and that's probably why the fights lasted like 75 rounds.

If you were a champ back in those days, you undoubtedly had superior bone structure in order to heap that kind of abuse on your hands. I could never do it.


What are you wrapping your hands with, gauze and tape? If you're then just use two rolls per pad. If not then I think getting bigger gloves might be the easiest thing to do.


I use 5 meter hand wraps (they're pretty damn long) so I'd say they're 180. Yeah I trained in Karate too back in the day and knuckle push-ups do help a bit, especially when it comes to hardening the skin.

You ever tried putting a sponge underneath wraps? If so, what are the dimensions?