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Using Tren In A Long Cycle


Let's say you were running a long cycle, say 20 weeks. What are the pro's and con's of Tren at 200 to 300 MG's a week throughout?


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If you're going to use tren a then I'd say you're better cutting your time on tren in half and doubling your doseage (same amount of gear in less time). If it's tren ent, then I'd say that could work nicely but I'd get a check up in the middle of my cycle to make sure I'm not in the red. IMO I'd stay under 6-8 weeks of tren use though, and like I said if it's tren A then I think 500-700 mg a week is more like it.


like bushy said...if you're gonna do this, run tren enan. ED injects of tren ace for 20 weeks would get old quick. personally, i think 8-10 weeks of the tren would be enough.


Thanks for the replies guys...

I will be running Tren E the first 10 weeks and switching to Tren A the last 10. My first expierence with the tren E really made me lethargic at anything over 250. I'll post the whole cycle once I get it all figured out.


Shit? That seems like such a little amount of tren. Does anyone know if the doses from say 200-300 mgs of tren E a week is comparable to 500 mgs of tren A a week. I've only used tren A and around 500 mgs a weeks seems to work for me. 700 mgs makes me not wanna be around anyone...but my weights :slight_smile:



The source I got this Tren E from told me that the purity level of the powder was over 95 % where as most powder is in the 75 % range, I trusted this guy and the Tren E was kick ass.

I should have mentioned that I will also be running a gram a test E and TBOL or VAR along with it the 1st 10 weeks and a gram of Prop, 400 MGs of Masteron and 300 MGS of Tren A the 2nd 10 weeks at least that's my thoughts right now...still working the whole thing out.


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At least in terms of other 19-nor derived steroids (nandrolone), several authors have concluded that the ester alters the effects*:

"We conclude that the side-chain ester and the injection site and volume influence the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of nandrolone esters in an oil vehicle in men."

J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 1997 Apr;281(1):93-102.
Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of nandrolone esters in oil vehicle: effects of ester, injection site and injection volume.

Furthermore, most steroids have poor solubility in either water or oil. Esterifying them improves oil solubility, as an ester is simply a fatty acid chain. The longer the chain, the better the oil solubility, and the more time it takes to disperse into your blood.

Ergo, longer esters are more slowly absorbed. This creates less of a spike in blood levels and usually less side effects (as it stays under a given threshold where those side effects would occur)...even at the same milligram level of the actual hormone.

Again, looking at Nandrolone, it's even been observed that differing anabolic/androgenic ratios can be had if the steroid is administered with a similar dosing protocol irrespective of ester.*

I.E. if you shoot 400 mgs of testosterone with no ester (also called testosterone suspension ...ouch!), you'll get almost no anabolic effects....but if you shoot 400 Mgs of Testosterone Undecanoate (a very long acting testosterone), it'll release over a very long time, and you'll be able to take advantage of it's effects for awhile.

The testosterone suspension will be gone in a day and no new muscle will have been added...while you'll probably get some kind of anabolic effect from the testosterone undecanoate over the course of 2-3 weeks.


Distribution coefficients and anabolic activities of some nandrolone esters.
J Pharm Pharmacol. 1972 Dec;24:Suppl:174P.

A Hansch analysis of the anabolic activities of some nandrolone esters.
J Med Chem. 1974 Feb;17(2):157-61

So the answer is yes, the ester will alter the side effects and anabolic effects of the drug. However, if you keep doses below a certain threshold, and insure stable blood levels of the compound either with a longer ester or consistent small doses of a more shortly estrified product, then the anabolic effects and side effects will be the same regardless of ester.

(In other words, if you compensate for the ester with a specific dosing protocol, you will get the same results regardless of it's length as compared to other formulas of the same base compound, but with a different ester)


So what I said about tren A being dosed at around 500 mgs a week would be roughly the same as doing 200-300 mgs of tren E. Obviously one would use the tren A ed or eod.


The Tren A at 500 mgs a week would contain more Tren than Tren E at 500 due to the shorter ester, but you could do the Tren A at 4 125 MG EOD injects and probably keep the blood levels as stable as 500 Tren E once or even twice a week. I think that's what Anothny was getting at.

At my age, the biggest concern with Tren is prostate growth. That's why I was asking about length of cycle using Tren.


Saw palmetto, pumpkin seeds extract? Anything else otc that's actually worth a crap for helping your prostrate out while on tren? ANyone? Anyone?


Maybe that Flameout that Biotest just released will help with the inflammation, if that's the issue. Might be worth checking into. I know Dr Dave had products for the ol' prostate, including fish oil, which he pushed as being good for that sort of thing, being that he made products for the 'over 40' population. I bet that a question to Cy or TC would clear that one up for you, and cost you less cash on the bottom line.


Yeah, I will be using saw palmetto 6 weeks before I start and all the way through and after.

Here is my cycle as it stands right now.
This is also all UG gear and I think it is probably underdosed. All the PCT are pharmacy grade.

Week 1-6 Tbol 350 MG's a week
Week 1-10 Test E at 1000 MG a week
Week 1-10 Tren E at 250 MG a week
Week 10 700 MG's of clomid over 7 days
Week 11-20 Blend of Prop/Masteron/Tren A
Prop at 200, Mast is
100,Tren is 75 all in 1 ml
4 ML's a week
Week 14-20 VAR at 420 MG
Week 1-20 Metformin w/ Carb meals
Week 1-20 HCG at 500 IUS E3d

PCT I am still working out, but it will be clomid/nolva/HCG based and last a minimum of 6 weeks, maybe 8.


Have you used metaformin with carbs before, I'm assuming you're using the var with the metaformin for the synergy? How bout some creatine in there?



Yes I used Metformin last year for about 6 Months. I will be reducing cal's the 1st 10 weeks and only using carbs post work out.