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Using the search feature

Just a general post to help those who
may be new to the board… sometimes the
reason your post doesn’t get a reply,
or the replies you hoped for, is because
the information was recently discussed.

Most people (some exceptions) should see a
“search by” with “subject” and “author”
choices, on the mid left hand part of the
screen. So say your question was, “I want
to do a Winstrol only orals cycle…”
and chances are you didn’t get much replies.
Try searching for Winstrol, try searching
for orals, try searching for oral, and see
what posts you come up with. You’ll find
extensive discussion. The same is true
for many subjects.

So don’t be discouraged if you don’t get
the answer you needed – try looking to
see if it’s already on the board, just
buried deep a few weeks back perhaps.

For people who DON’T see a functional
search feature, try using IE instead
of Netscape. I’m told that the web gurus
absolutely cannot duplicate the problem
where the search engine doesn’t work
with Netscape, and therefore can’t fix it,
but it can occur, and switching to IE
to access the forum will fix it.

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