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Using the New BCAA and Leucine

i read the article and live spill but no one ever went online to answer questions. what i got from the article was that both the new BCAA and the leucine are better than previous versions. as far as taking them the BCAAs are better to take pre,during,post exercise and the leucine is better any other time?

the article kind of left me confused a little bit. anyone else? the article said 3.5 grams of leucine per meal will optimize muscle growth but then the BCAA part said 10-15 grams of BCAA a day for 4 weeks increased the LBM of controlled subjects. same thing no?

would it be better to take one over the other every meal while bulking or would taking both at seperate times(BCAA peri-workout and leucine every other time) be better?

That spill left us all hanging. Bcaa recommendations are all over the place. I was hoping there would be some new usage recommendations. In an earlier advertisement Biotest had recommendations from trainers of over forty grams a day.

I agree, it’s very confusing. I can only hypothesize that with a lot of customers still using BCAAs they thought it was a good idea to modernize their offerings. I’m still a bit confused. On one hand, MAG-10 was supposed to be the modern BCAA, yet on the other hand, they’re offering BCAAs. I’m not sure enough people are replacing their BCAA use with MAG-10. For those of us still using BCAA’s during workout (like in fasted training) this may be a way of being sure Biotest remains our one-stop-shoppping site. I don’t see a problem with that at all.

I’m also confused over why you’d use one over the other at pretty much the same price point. If Leucine is the most anabolic of the BCAA’s, wouldn’t you just get the Leucine? After all, the Leucine lists L-Isoleucine and L-Valine as ingredients as well.

This really does look like they’re just catering to a broader set of customer tastes and preferences. I think I may try just the Leucine next time I need to get BCAAs.

im looking for something to add to my pwo meal. i was thinking about taking a scoop of MAG-10 about 30-60 minutes after i take my Surge Recovery then 30 minutes later eating my pwo meal. do you think that would be better than adding some bcaa or leucine to my pwo meal? the new stuff is kind of expensive for 300 grams of either product.

im gonna start bulking and carb cycling soon and due to costs im keeping supplements to SWF, Surge Recovery, and Flameout, and something pwo i want whichever will give me better results the MAG-10 or the new peptides.

I think as important as leucine appears to be for muscle building stimulus, the other BCAA constituents (valine, and iso-leucine) have their importance too.

Here’s a study published in 2010 that focuses specifically on iso-leucine and how it might even be better than leucine for fat burning: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20089773.

Leucine in itself has proven thus far to be a very important amino when it comes to anabolism…but life in general is not solely dependent on anabolism. I fear sometimes in pursuit of things that are predominantly muscle building stimulating that often “balance” with other important nutrients gets lost.

For muscle building, leucine is perhaps the most imporant amino…but for muscle building, the body needs all the proper enzymes, hormones, etc built from OTHER AMINOS to support it.

In my mind, ensuring that the approximate 3.5 grams of leucine per meal is adhered to for maximal muscle building (combo of leucine content in meal itself plus any additional supplementation) but also making sure the rest of the diet contains enough OTHER nutrients is of primary importance.

Balance. Something that needs to be remembered in everything. Without it, something somewhere sometime is going to give.