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Using the More Squatting Template


I was looking at the more squatting template and was wondering, what do you think of using that template as a frequency method type of thing. It’s pretty much full body five days a week so instead of taking the weekends off, I could just take a day here and there when needed.

By the way… New 16 album coming out in July!!!


Honestly - I could care less about that template. Not something I’m interested in and how we’ve been programming long term for optimal balance, it’s not something that fits into being “fucking awesome”. One is always his own best coach provided he has a long history of making great decisions. If you fall into this category - do it as you will. But like I said - I no longer care for it.

16 is one of the first bands of the “first wave” of sludge back in early 90’s but I’m not sure they still “got it”. We shall see.