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Using the Get Shredded Diet


on the diet, are beans allowed? also what about corn, sweet potatoes, and red potatoes?


really? it's a very low carb diet and you're asking if high carb foods are allowed?

sure, go ahead and have 2 beans or a bite of corn.

come one man, look at the macro counts allowed on the diet and look at the nutritional values of the foods you listed



Berardi spells it out dude. Read the article.

If you are really anal about the whole ketosis thing, Berardi doesn't advocate ketosis per se on the diet. But hey, if it matters to you then avoid your beans, sweetcorn, carrots, etc, and set yourself a carb ceiling of 30-50g (from ALL sources) getting this intake from greens, etc. But in practice, with carbs low anyway and calories very low for 13 days straight then it's not going to matter much if you are eaing around the 75g mark or so.