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Using Test Cream on Scrotum and Injections Together?

Is anyone on this forum injecting testosterone and also putting testosterone cream on the scrotum?. I’m been watching Jay Campbel and he applies test cream on his scrotum daily and he said that he feels better than ever. I want to know if I can take my twice a week injections a week and the test cream also. Is there anyone in here that is doing it,?.

For what possible purpose would one do this? If you want more—and that’s the goal of having two delivery methods—but you’re already injecting then just inject more. Seems like an unnecessary way of doing things. Perhaps Mr. Campbell just enjoys rubbing his balls and that’s why he feels better?

It fail to understand what you hope to accomplish, if you chose injectable T, inject more to get the desired results, the same thing can be said for using the Test cream, need more, use more.

Jay Campbel only takes tradermental testosterone. So many guys are doing the testosterone cream on the scrotum and they say is the best thing ever. I’m just scared to stop the injections after so long. The injections are not helping me with libido or erections, I’m actually worst in that aspect than before TRT

This is because your hormones are not optimized, I’m not just talking about testosterone. HCG can cause low libido and erectile issues. You probably need a dosage reduction or if you’re on HCG at the very least stop HCG and see how you do.

I wouldn’t be the first time I heard of guy felt great after stopping HCG.

I have heard of people doing that and I believe it is to get a boost in DHT that the cream will give. Not sure if the thought is using both will not cause quite as high of a DHT boost as cream on its own.

Nothing beats injecting testosterone. The creams have come a long way over the years, but they’re still not going to dethrone the king. I agree with @systemlord, you’re not finding the right balance and that’s why you still have trouble. It takes time. It’s not going to be the same for everyone and what works for me might be terrible for you.

If you don’t mind, can I ask you what is your protocol?

I only do 7-10mg daily protocols on TRT, anything else is less effective.

You only inject 70 mg of test a week?what are your numbers?

Only 3 weeks on 7mg daily (49mg weekly) I was seeing 416 ng/dL and Free T 15 pg/mL (ranges 6.8-21.5), two more weeks to go and would have seen higher levels. I was forced to stop TRT do to an undiagnosed long term iron deficiency to restore my iron stores. I will begin again once I have recovered.

I seem to respond well within the first week on 7mg everyday, results were seen almost immediately. I started losing weight and thinning out within 2 weeks.

My body is sensitive to just about everything I put into it.

I have dropped HCG one week ago. By the way, do you know by how much hcg can increase total T ?

I’ve seen a doc post that he can get peoples total T to double on HGC alone. Whether that’s with a typical dose or not, I have no idea

That’s going to depend on how well the testicles were functioning in the first place. If you are secondary, and the testes were just fine before, then you could see a decent amount of increase. If you were primary and the boys were already failing, probably not much at all (if any).

This doc has probably never dealt with a patient who had primary hypogonadism.

dr Jim Meehan, who is one of the best TRT practitioners worldwide uses this approach to optimize the DHT of some of his patients

Do you know how many days a week do they use the cream?. By the way, thank you for the response

No bro, he has not shared example protocols. I know he uses injections as the main delivery system.

If you wanna do that better consult with him

Thank you

For the first 20 months it was 100mg test twice a week. I’ve since dropped the dose down to 60mg twice a week so that I can skip the AI. At 200 I needed a low dose of arimidex. At 120 I don’t need any.