Using Test as a Base for EVERY Cycle

Hi, everyone . Just need input on some questions that have come to a head regaurding my cutting cycle. I am thinking of using winni ( liquid oral) , My girl Ana ( liquid oral) and test E 2cc a week ( 500ml) My friend has told me not to use the Test. He is a 55 year old ,who i have known for 13 years, an active user.

Ok , i know test should be the base for every cycle. So why is he telling me not to use it . Acouple of months ago, i did dbol and Test E. Had good gains, from 180lb to 212. He advised me not to take the Test but i knew to use the test ( i for once listen to that little voice ) My question is why is he telling me this and what would his resson be. He has said " you dont want to mess with your natural test, if you inject your nadds will forget to come back even after PCT.

Also all Test will do is bloat you up and you will not cut like you want .You will hold water." How true is this water isssue. Goal is to be more lean and model type of body. Thanks for any advise .

190lb , 5"7 . 6%bf.

Your friend is a Fucking moron and obviously has no clue as to how steroids work. Taking dbol or winstrol alone will still shut you down.

Seriously go punch that dumb fuck and tell him to stop talking out of his ass.