Using Taurine Pre-Workout?

Caffeine is not exlusively bad or good based on neurotype. Yes, type 2B’s and type 3’s generally have more issues with caffeine because they have less inhibitory neurotransmitters, produce more cortisol/adrenaline and have less COMT (enzyme responsible for adrenaline breakdown). That doesn’t mean they need to avoid it for the rest of their life.

It comes down to individualism and personal preference. If you feel good on one black tea and one cappuccino, then why stop? If you are very in tune with your body, you’ll know when you have crossed the line.

Try it as an experiment. Drink a cup of coffee every 45 mins (caffeine kicks in after 25) one hour and 30 minutes after you wake up and asses when you start to feel jittery, unfocused, get racing thoughts etc. When this occurs, you know you went to far and you can take the previous cup as your upper limit. Off course tolerance and anxiety will influence the amount of cups you can drink. If experimenting makes you anxious, don’t do it.

Generally speaking, 1-2 cups of black coffee (a 15-20 ml cup, not a 1l JAR) is fine. If you get jittery or anxious, drink less coffee, switch to decaf (still contains 15-30% caffeine btw) or drink green tea instead. You can even drink caffeine free coffee if you’re just drinking it for the taste.

The great underlying issue you need to look out for with caffeine (as wel as any other stimulant) is that it can mask fatigue. Be really careful when using stimulants long term and notice how you feel in the morning before you drink your cup of coffee. If your eyes are stuck together, your cognitive performance is really slow, your body parts feel heavy, drinking cofffee and go train is a big NO NO.

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Thank you so much you really gave me some awesome green lights to look into like talking to myself and shifting my Mindset is the most important and not second guessing what I am capable of Since i am very down to earth and so Humble to the point I drive myself to loose my Confidence I will do what you Recommended

For Caffeine I got that 100% I now know when should I drink it and cope with it and when I shouldn’t for Carbs if I don’t have some Carbs pre workout by an 1 I don’t do that good with the workout at all and in the evening also to sleep it helps a ton

Thank you for all your Time

I’d like to add my heartfelt thanks for your reply because I struggle with some of the same things the OP does. The approach you suggest removes the fear, and opens up a beautifully constructive way to move forward. Thank you again!

@wika20: Apologies for gate-crashing your thread like this!

You’re welcome, glad I could help to some degree.


No worries Man hope the info here helps a lot of people who are struggling

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what is your training frequency ? do you use high intensity methods or more volume training style ?

it’s true .
but persistent,constant stress is killer for Type 2B and Type 3…
FREQUENCY and volume training is the brakes for thiese types

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My Frequency is
Lower- Saturday
Upper Rep - Monday
Arms/Abs/Cardio Tuesday

I don’t do very high volume I keep it at 12-16 sets per workout and see how is my stress doing through if I feel a week that I am not fully recovered I would just do some Cardio on the 4th day

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Exactly for the persistent of stress part I know for Certain that when you do your best to control some stuff it’s better than nothing like Lou said I have high Anxiety & Stress and working on it and doing my best that is it

Not only is it better than nothing. It’s also better than trying to control everything. Trust me brother, I’ve been there too.

You need to learn to give up control over things that don’t really matter or things that you can’t control anyway. It only leads to more stress and anxiety. Besides, what’s the point of living if there’s no more room for surprise or spontaneity?

Allow yourself to not overanalyze everything and leave some room to experiment. It’s ok to fail or make mistakes. You draw experience from that.

Letting things go sometimes allows you to grow.

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100% one of my huge huge mistakes is over analyzing the shit out of everything in sight especially Training programs and the whole list of supplements that should exclude Cortisol or Anxiety everything comes down to you since the Mind is responsible for everything thing

To much overthinking over drive the Sympathetic Nervous system into over drive all the time not giving the Parasympathetic to take place and start the recovery process I know for Certain it’s a battle you have to fight it yourself

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same here . I am 2B [ test score] . but feel more like type 3 all the time …
age + muscle fibers type play major role . no suplements will help in long run.
stop any cardio / besides walking / and training 2 times per week /HD,HIT/ help me a lot

How old are you since I am 36 I think that Age of course plays a huge role in Recovery what is your split in the two days look and how did HIT helped you what’s the best Cardio workout you did was better for Anxiety

i am 53 , training more 30 years / not all the time HIT / . now im doing two whole body workouts/ not true HD/HIT workouts/ with isolation exercises /Doug Brignole biomechancs / 3-4 sets per bodypart only last set to failure ,.low carb possible diet and daily walking 30-40 min.

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Hope your doing great bigmax so you felt better when you stopped them I wanted to mention that when I stopped most of them I also slept better sometimes they do things mentally that make you reliable on them that they should work like magic and they don’t they are just a tool at the end

exactly ! im glad that 7 month later you understand that !!

most of us guys forgot that this is an industry