Using Taurine Pre-Workout?

Coach CT,

Hope your doing great wanted to know your opinion about using Taurine pre-workout will it optimal from a performance standpoint or it will effect it since it suppose to Calm you down I tried it once didn’t go that well didn’t reach my intensity zone or it will be better to take it post for calming the brain down .

If I am already taking Glycine + Mag Taurate should I implement it also


It’s a neurological balancer… so it could very well interfere with getting activated/amped up. The only time I’ve seen someone use it pre-workout is to reduce steroid-induced debilating lower back pump.

It might also reduce cramps.


Thanks for the feedback Coach Thibs so it will be better to take it post workout with some Glycine
Or just keep the Glycine + Mag Taurate is also the same


why you need all those supp post workout ? you feel bad after a workout ?

Hope your doing great bigMax

I have been living with Anxiety for a very long time I am type 2B very prone to over activation and high stress(Cortisol)most of the time my sleep is not that great to much overthinking I did get better at it those past months

Days when I workout I always have higher Anxiety since I know I will be placing stress in my body and I would feel not that good it’s a Mental War but I won’t stop Training when I do I really feel bad and I don’t bury myself at all I train very Smart so I could recover so I use all these supplements to mitigate the post workout CNS that is why I take them but sometimes like you said I feel they are too much but I don’t think they will do any harm

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i was asking the question because i used to take all those supplement month ago for a long time and when i stopped i felt way better

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Really did you had Anxiety or any stress issues and what’s your Neurotype since I know that they help me to some extent but from my experience that supplements are a Band aid in the End it comes more on your Habits sleep,good nutrition and low stress levels and do your best

What were you taking and how did you stop these supplements what was your mindset to take that action would love to know ?

Last time i did the test i was 1B but it was years ago i think im more a 2A. I should buy it again and test it.

When i was using Taurine, i was more prone to anxiety. 1 hours after taking it i sometimes had an anxiety attack. I dont know how it was possible but when i stop taurine it never happen.

I was using Glycine post workout, and before bed. It made me lazy as fuck.

i start those supps because i was more stress, more prone to anxiety but like you said everything come from the habits. I had bad Habits. I was doing to much volume in the gym, too much workout session. Bring higher cortisol, bad recovery, bad sleep.

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I used to take those product to ‘’ by pass ‘’ what my body told me. Maybe that’s why they had bad effect and wasnt helpful for me at the end.

I didn’t look into the 1B or 2A but they are a bit different then 2B confident I have so much traits of Type 3 also concerning high stress Anxiety(High Cortisol) I am prone to overthinking & Second guessing the shit of every program Diet you name it :joy:

For Taurine it didn’t give me any Anxiety but for Glycine sometimes it make me feel like a Zombie to shutdown but I try to relax with it but it comes down to your Recovery Resources having Carbs around my workout eating better Sleep sleep sleep this is one of the most important Aspects for achieving results I am really a bad sleeper but I am doing my best getting better at it since it really need discipline to achieve good night asleep

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yes sleep is REALLY important more than anything. I use to walk a lot its really good too for mood, stress and anxiety.

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100% you are Correct walking is my go to for Stress & Anxiety easy as it gets but really effective what I did notice that when I sleep my stress level & Anxiety are more controllable when its out of Control every things gets thrown off and there will be bad days normally but when you get stuck in bad sleeping Rut no program Nor the best Diet ever will achieve shit

Hope for Coach CT would write an article about the importance of sleep & how as an average Joe trying to be in good shape do to optimize it

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No need, just go to to the sleepdoctor website (I cannot provide a link because I’m not allowed to do this on this forum) and read the articles in his blog. You will literally find almost everything you need to know there for free.

Michael J. Breus is well respected and has dedicated over 2 decades of his life studying and practicing the science of sleep.

Also you sound a lot more like a type 3 than a 2B. If you were a true 2B and you took glycine, your mind would go balls to the wall.

However, if I’m mistaken and you truly are a 2B, you would be better off taking taurine only, not glycine. Glycine is actually a “stimulant” for a type 2B because more of this amino acid gets used for the production of glutamate, an excitatory neurotransmitter that speeds up the firing action of your neurons. High glutamate is also responsible for the crazy mood swings you may or may not experience (your subconscious beliefs/thoughts also highly influence your behavior and emotions off course).

That’s why 2B’s are the most emotional but also the most empathetic people. They are what you would call really good, reliable friends.

2B’s don’t have very low serotonin yet because they are protected by a GABA buffer. This buffer however is very small and needs to be maximally protected. Therefore, taking taurine post-workout (along with magnesium is fine) is a much better recovery protocol for them because it keeps GABA levels in check. I would even recommend to take taurine intra-workout for 2B’s or 3’s during intensification phases (heavy lifting) of a ‘strength’ or ‘power’ focused macrocycle.

If you are a type 2B and you’ve been experiencing stress & anxiety for a long time, then making solid changes in your training, nutrition and sleep are definitely steps in the right direction. They all help you to cope better but they won’t solve your issues because stress and anxiety is (directly or indirectly via triggers from the body) controlled by your brain. Try working on recognizing your triggers, ask yourself why they trigger you and work on finding solutions to dramatically decrease the stress response.

Stress is a natural part of being human and can’t be completely eliminated (unless you are a f*cking psychopath). But you can learn to put things in perspective which can over time take your stress response from an initial 10/10 down to 2/10. 2/10 is so much better to cope with and not so bad at all.


Hope your doing great Lou thank you first for your concern I will definitely look into the sleep doctor you told me about

But for Glycine I though it’s one of the best supplements to take for Type 2B I will try to take only Taurine alone and see if it went well will take Glycine out of the equation and use also Magnesium Taurate post

I understand you 100% about life stress I sometimes give it more of a deal that I have hormone issues and adrenal fatigue the mind can truly fuck you big time if you let it play you and I have to say that I fall pray to many times doing my best now to control over my thoughts big time and do the opposite when it tells me to give up it’s really a tough battle but have to go through it

If you have any good resources to deal with anxiety I would be grateful


It really depends on your individual neurochemistry. Overall, glycine is a great product for almost all neurotypes because of the several benefits it promotes. However, the 2B is better of without because it has the opposite effect with them.

Use Taurine sparingly, not all the time. Otherwise you may build up a tolerance and it won’t be as effective. I’d suggest you use it at times when you’re really stressed out. For example taurine can be very effective if taken intra-workout to decrease adrenaline output during a session where increasing strength is your main focus. Think high neurological activation, heavy lifting, complex lifts stuff. A good time to take taurine would be after your main lift of the session. It can also be used effectively during a high volume, hypertrophy focused workout. Play around with 1-2 grams and find your ideal portion.

Yes, definitely check it out and while you’re at it, look into ‘sleep smarter’ from shawn stevenson (for additional practical tips) and ‘why we sleep’ from matthew walker (if you want to understand the mechanisms behind sleep better).

It’s very good that you are already aware of how your thoughts influence your daily behavior and emotions. If you are constantly worrying, experiencing mood swings and negative, toxic thoughts, these things can really start to materialize and take over your reality. Even when objectively speaking everything’s going absolutely fine in your life. So you really need to pay attention to not let yourself be drawn into these imaginary realities your brain constructs in order to protect you from harm… if that makes sense.

For resources on dialing in training, food and sleep with anxiety check my previous posts as there’s no added benefit to repeat all of this information.

For more psychological resources to help you deal with anxiety, there are several strategies you can try out for yourself. I personally like to use science as a first hand tool to help me deal with my own issues. Something I found to be really helpful was the ABC destress protocol, developed by a Belgian woman called Marina Riemslagh.

The protocol is really simple, time sparing and, if you do it right, very effective at decreasing your stress response. Plus it’s backed by scientific research that is represented in her book: how to destress yourself in less than 5 minutes. The english version will come out somehere in 2021.

However she does have a website (live the connection) on which you can find several free videos and workshops on how to use the ABC- method. If you are intrigued, I definitely recommend it because there’s real science to it, not just personal bias and spirituality (I respectfully like to point out that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that and I have nothing against people who use their spirituality for guidance. Everyone needs to find or has their own way of dealing with stress/anxiety and I respect that).

It’s honestly not necessary

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Thank you Sir so much for taking the time and lending me the hand really appreciate it

I will put Glycine on hold since I know that Glutamate is really bad to Type 2Bs since we are really emotional you are 100% True about your describing me if I saw a homeless Guy I could Help him with all I got :joy:

For Taurine I will use it alone sparingly like you said intra-workout and see how it goes I have also Magnesium Taurate & Magnesium Glycinate the Magnesium Glycinate works good with me at night I could also implement the Magnesium Taurate post workout will help also

For the sleep Info I already have most of the books you mentioned and I even know my Chonotype which is a Dolphin and I know for Certian that Good Carbs are my best friend but what I wish is the post workout Stress to go away since it always linger with me don’t know why but it’s always there

For Training it’s better to Use more of lower neurological moves during the workouts more Machines and pulleys I feel more better on them but I always mix it

Will look into the ABC protocol and Dive more into it thank you so much

Forgot to Ask you is caffeine Bad for 2Bs I only drink one Black Tea and one Cappuccino a day that is it

It can be multiple things but you stated earlier that training gives you anxiety because you know it will put more stress on your body.

Instead of fearing the stress training will bring you, why don’t you shift your focus to believing that your body can handle it. Think differently and start believing your body is capable of dealing with the stressors, capable of healing itself if you nurture it with the right nutrition, sleep and recovery time. This mental focus will slowly replace fear with confidence.

Off course you need to keep your work/recovery ratio’s in check. Don’t ignore your internal cues when your body is asking you to relax a bit more or take a day off.

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