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Using Sustanon at Just 250mg Per Week??


For example, could this work:

Sus 250mg 1 shot p/week weeks 1-10
Dianabol 25mg p/week weeks 1-4

Winstrol 50 mg 3 times p/week weeks 9-12
Test Prop 100mg 3 times p/week weeks 9-12

Normal PCT would follow. I know some may feel this is not enough, however I don't feel I need large amount's of gear and I think PCT recovery would be better on this cycle than something a bit harsher.


It will work for something, not sure what you're after.

I'd recommend using winstrol 7 times a week.


Well just looking for lean quality weight gain.


I think 250mg/wk is perfectly fine. I think too many people go way overboard on doses. 250mg of sustanon taking into account ester weights is probably around 190mg/wk of testosterone (not going to take the time to do the math, you get the point) - seeing as a perfectly healthy young adult male makes around 70mg per week (at the best), you're still nearly triple that amount which is certainly an environment conducive to accelerated growth. Then add some other anabolics on top of it, and you'll certainly grow.

Again though, I think you'll be much happier with winny used ED. And also prop used on a consistent schedule (EOD or ~3.5 times per week).


Looks like a recipe for peaks and valleys..


Oh missed a couple things didn't I. The sustanon should be shot EOD, so 71mg EOD, or .29 ml EOD.

And dbol 25mg/wk???? I just assumed you had per day. 3.5mg of dbol per day is going to do absolutely nothing.... and you need to take this ED, preferrably 3 times a day.


Lol, Sorry I meant 25mg of Dianabol a day! Im confused about Sustanon - why not just inject one 250mg ampule once a week, say every Monday?


Because sustanon has propionate in it, so more frequent injections should be used to keep stable blood levels, some people say. Other people say that sustanon was designed the way it was to create an immediate as well as lasting release.

I stick with single estered compounds.


Sustanon gives me more acne for some strange reason...


Sorry, I meant I would be using Winny ar 50mg ED - will be using orals.


Likely because of fluctuating hormone levels.


Do you use Sustanon ever?




Me either