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Using Surge Workout Fuel Effectively


on week 5 of V-Diet,after i wanted to see what all the fuss is about witht the Surge Workout Fuel. do i consume before and during lift then have some Surge Recovery directly after? is this overkill? i already have both products and would like to use them as effectively as possible. i think i am going to do starting strength or something similar for 4 weeks then go on Thibs "destroying fat" routine. ive lost about 24 lbs on V-Diet from 244 to 220. any and all help would be appreciated!


I use some Surge Workout Fuel (one scoop) along with some other things about a half-hour before getting to the gym, Surge Workout Fuel (2 scoops for a 1 hour workout) immediately before the workout, and Surge Recovery immediately afterward.

If you prefer to sip during the workout rather than have the entire hour’s amount immediately beforehand that is fine too. Actually that is the label direction, but is not a necessary approach for weightlifting. It is a better approach for things such as endurance sports.