Using Surge While Dropping Fat?

First question pertains to Surge Workout Fuel. I have used it since it was Dec. 08, and I do not feel any different using it than I do not using it. Is there any reason for this? I am very strong willed and just work my ass off in the gym, so I do not know if that has anything to do with it. Even if I do not feel any different, is there any reason to keep taking it? Is it “working” even though I do not notice the effects?

Next, I just finished a “bulk”. Due to being in the military, I deployed a lot and stopped working out for about 2 years. After leaving active duty, I started again, but I was out of shape. I am 5’11", and was 197lbs, not so muscular, but not real fat. I started with about 3-4 months of getting back into the groove of things, dropping some fat, getting use to lifting again, and dropped to 183lbs.

Then I decided to bulk, and now currently up to 206lbs, over about 8 months (tried to keep it somewhat clean). I dont have any formal ways to measure progress, but measurements and pictures show that I put on some fat while bulking, but not a lot.

I am ready to start dropping some of the excess fat, I am happy with my strenght/size, so what I am wondering is, should I drop Surge recovery because of the extra carbs in it? I seem to be sensitive to carbs, and I am unsure if I should drop Surge PWO and just start with regular protein PWO.

My goal is to keep my muscle (or most of it), and just slowly trim down to about 12% bf(realistically). If I had to guess, I would say I am sitting around 18% bf now, just based on BF measurements from the past.