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Using Surge w/ Limping & Great Guns

Ii was thinking about doing the great guns and limping into programs by ian king this summer at the same time. i don’t use roids, but i plan on getting surge. does anyone think this will be enough? i have heard that the programs are taxing but would like to do both of them at once. thanks for your help.

Right now I’m doing Ian King’s Limping and Upper Body programs. I’m on week 11 right now and I have one more week after this. They are quite demanding but I’ve seen great results. This summer I plan to do his arm routing along with the Bring On The Pain routine. During that time I plan to use Surge. Since the routines I will be doing this summer are almost like yours, we should keep in touch and exchange ideas on nutrition, training, recovery and all that. Good luck.

i’m pretty sure Ian king advises you NOT to do the Great Guns program with any other specialization program. I have done all three and can definately recommend the Limping + Super Strength double. Great gains. Surge should be a good boost, and the only other thing you’ll need is to make sure that you eat right - there are HEAPS of diet articles about, and get enough rest. Trust me - you’ll need it.

reeshdawg- what kinds of gains have you been getting? i was debating whether to do the limping program with the great guns or super strength program. i agree- we should keep in touch so that we can both stay as motivated as possible.