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Using Surge During The Workout?


Is it a good idea to take Surge while lifting, and take something else after? (Like Grow!?)



Well sure that could work I like half Surge During and half after but sure You may want some carbs with that Grow! though



Surge is ideal Post-Workout. During a workout, a higher carb:protein ratio would work better. Accelerade, Endurox and Vendetta are good replacements during your workout. Toss in a lump of BCAA's and you're set.

Price and convenience are definitely a factor though, so it's really up to you if you wanna spend the extra time preparing a whole other drink for your workout nutrition.


Unless you're engaged in prolonged endurance activity, this is not true.

And, even if you were an endurance athlete, there are far better products to be used during such activities.


You might be better off having half of your Surge immediately before training and the rest during. I believe this is what Dave Barr has recommended, although I'm not certain.