Using Surge as an Energy Gel?

Has anyone experimented with using Surge Workout Fuel in a homemade energy gel for use during endurance events?

Im doing a 100 mile ruck and looking for something different then store bought energy gels/goos.

Have never used Surge but have used honey and peanut butter along with oatmeal balls and other fats.
The key is gonna be digestion. I’ve never done a ruck but have done trail and road ultra runs. I suspect the ruck would be a little easier to fuel as you are power walking? My concern would be the duration? How long are you planning to be out there? What have you been using for training?

I would suggest solid/real foods as long as you can but i’m thinking at some point your body will force you to switch to something that digests fast like a gel. Ive had great success with honey stinger products. As far as the Surge, the only thing that would concern me are the extra ingredients it contains geared more toward weight training. I guess the only way to find out is to experiment pre event. I would def never suggest trying something for the first time during the race. You could be in for an extended period of GI distress that could end your event.

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Pretty much ditto everything @s.gentz said.

Are you wargaming for selection or is this for “fun”?

Hmm. Can’t say that I have, but have you considered Fini bars?

They are very easy on the digestive system. I’ve eaten them before and during bike rides and hockey games without any problems.