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Using Supps Meant for Animals?


Anyone ever try using those injectable amino acid formulas for horses/greyhounds on themselves?

I have a friend who uses nothing but race horse supps on himself and claims that they are far more potent and effective than the human grade stuff. He also tried an injectable homeopathic joint support formula (for race horses) on his knee and claimed that it healed it completely.

I'm a little wary of trying these formulas out, but as people use vetinary grade steroids all the time why not the supplements? Maybe some one who has tried these formulas can chime in on this?

I can't post any links to the supplements here but google "injectable amino acid formulas for horses" and you will get an idea of what i'm talking about.


As someone who has used and uses Adequan, a veterinary (though non-steroidal) drug, I can say vet quality seems fairly high, and this particular product has helped me immensely. That being said, I have never tried using amino acid veterinary drugs.


I've heard nothing but good things about Adequan and completely forgot about it. As my joints are feeling a little shitty at the moment I may give it a go.


Wow, hey, can your friend post some advice then? Would like to keep this thread going and hope some guys using equine/animal supps. would divulge some trade secrets! Lol, I really need help rebuilding a smashed up spine full of titanium parts and do not want to use oil sups, I really think these equine supps such as Red Acid make sense--completely.

I'm experienced with Kynoselen and even high doses with no side effects whatsoever and I'm ready to try another product but the dosing and such is nothing to guess about. Please help. Thank you all.


I din't even know people did this?...How safe can this be in the long run? As I'm sure the formula is obviously different so it's more effective for the animals it's meant for? Not an attack at those who use it, but this just caught me off guard lol.


I think the correct answer is how jacked can this make me?


LMAO @ cort--how jacked can it get ya? LOL-good answer! Jldume- in all seriousness, that is what I'm trying to find out. Safetey, dosage etc.. look at joint support, aminos, Kynoselen, and the write ups on this stuff, it really seem to make sense. All the oil base users use vet stuff and take risks too. This stuff is legal, water based, readily availble, and I'm hoping some people experiment, use, and give feedback here on it. I'm trying to rehab from lumbar fusion with hardware--I'm way past the shark cartilage, fish oil, blah blah. I hope to keep this thread going... Have a good day all!!


Jldume, I'm sure more people than we think are trying this stuff. On a positive note, may I recommend Kynolselen if you want to get your feet wet. I had very positive results and absolutely NO side effects whatsoever. I pin it off and on the last 4 years no prob.


I never heard of Adequan-Midnight, could ya clue me in on dosage/frequency etc..?? I'm going to look it up..


I would have no qualms using something meant for a racehorse. Those trotting bastards are expensive! A vet pharm company could get in serious trouble for producing something dirty or that doesn't meet label claim, at least in North America.


homeopathic supplements are worthless.


....I guess it's too much to hope that this entire thread is an elaborate trolling attempt....?