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Using Straps Properly

Okay, I’ve buy Harbinger Cotton Lifting Straps to help me on high rack pull. Maybe I’m a moron but I can’t figure how to use them properly …

“Loop” Facing your palm, you roll on the barbell the extra rub and grip it. Then tighten all by pulling a little.

My question now, when I start pulling, the straps will start rolling and slips off (double overhand …). Must I use mixed grip with straps ?

What am I doing wrong ?

Thanks for your time.

Look down at your hand gripping the bar. there is a knuckle side [top] and a wrist side [bottom].

The straps are going around your arm and down the wrist side.

Take the strap end and have it go under the bar, wrist side, and then around, the opposite way your fingers go [they go over top].

then cinch it up and pull.


This guy can show you:


Thanks, you helped my today’s pulling.

dope dude. use them to their maximum effect by going snatch grip width for deadlift. That’s a man maker.