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Using Steroids Sublingually.


I regularly take my steroid tablets under my tongue(sublingually). I'll prep my mouth with mouthwash, rinse, then place 1 or 2 tablets of Dianabol, Winny, Proviron etc under my tongue. After about 15 minutes I drink down the residue. I've felt more of a "kick" by doing this. Has anyone else tried this, or have any criticisms about this method?


There's another thread I posted regarding sublingual administration of hormone powders. It has some explanation of sublingual requirements, and I am planning to experiment with some powders sublingually. In theory it should work fine. The old OTC prohormones were sublingual.


Yeah, I'm really looking forward to your Test Suspension sublingual administration. Seems like it would be great before a workout.


hey whats up im new to taking gear but i just got some liquid d-bol and i only want to take about 30mgs a day but the bottle says 2ml = 500mg what should i do


Your post is completely off the topic, but seriously, where do you get 250mg/ml dbol? It's probably 50mg/ml.