Using Steroids Safely?

Hello everyone, my name is Jesse. I’m having troubles reaching the goals i had set out for myself when i began working out two and a half years ago. I’m 6’4" and weigh around 225lbs on your average day.i would like to reach a steady 250 I’ve done pro hormones a few times but the results never really end up very effective and i just would like to do something a little better. Ergo injectables.

My problem isn’t finding somewhere to buy them but i would like to do them safely. And being that I’ve never done them before i don’t know what that entails. I would like to know what a solid beginners bulk cycle should look like right now I’m thinking test 250 and some sort of anti estrogen. Please be specific with names so i know what I’m talking about when i go to person (s) for purchase.

You’ve been lifting for 2.5 years and you think you’ve already exhausted your natural gains? That’s a really young training age to be jumping on the wagon, IMO. I would wait a few years, but that’s me. If you’ve been following the same lifting program the whole time, just changing it around and tweaking your diet could get you closer to your goal.

That being said, 250mg/week of test is pretty low for a bulking cycle. Read the beginner/newbie sticky at the top of this page, the answers lie within.

IMO PH is more dangerous than gear.

Gear has been studied extensively.

Read stickies for beginner cycles. Running test-e 500mg/wk is a pretty good starters cycle with an AI… adex/letrozole/aromasin. Research them and dosage along with proper PCT. Once you have researched and informed yourself come back with a suggested cycle and members here will be more than happy to help you tweak it.

You’re diet and training may not be in order to begin with.

you need to learn about how testosterone affects you, how to control oestrogen through use of an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI), how to do a PCT using SERMs, and how to use hCG.

you’ll also want to think about your blood pressure, liver, and other ways to stay healthy using supps. Fish oil, ALA, TUDCA and circumin are a good place to start for that.

Well I’ve used prohormones as i said so i know about running pcts, anti estrogen, gear support and over all how all of that effects me. But i feel i should have clarified, when i started i was at 163lbs (looked anorexic) and within a year bumped up to 225 (a solid amount fat) then within another year i got to a pretty solid 225 (bf% around 9%-11%) my gains however won’t increase naturally beyond that weight (been same weight give or take 5lbs for a while now despite switching my diet around).

As far as my training goes i went from an Arnold based standard pyramid of 10,8,6,4,2 to a standard 5x5 split. Now I’m training different areas by different weight and rep schemes with a focus mostly on the big lifts (dead lifts, squats and bench)

^is that picture representative of your idea of 9-11% body fat?



dont know which character looks Most like me doing two thumbs down

In that pic you’re more like 17-20% bf.

Ya you don’t look 9-11% to be honest. And you don’t look 225 either

well, that’s the first time I’ve ever seen someone with no definition anywhere on their body claim 10% body fat.

It actually makes me kind of sad that these people exist.

Ya I agree yogi.

I got mine done about 2 months ago, said I was 9.7, but I refuse to believe it I think I’m more like 12-13

[quote]Yogi wrote:
^is that picture representative of your idea of 9-11% body fat?[/quote]

jesus fucking Christ I hope not. not even close.

I think it’s hilarious when people think they’re at their natural limit and look like that. And this guy isn’t even natural, didn’t he say he’s run prohormones? more than once, right? For fuck’s sake this is sad.

[quote]nooberific wrote:
In that pic you’re more like 17-20% bf.[/quote]

That’s about right. Basically double what the OP guessed it at. I assume I’m around 8-9, and I’m leaner than my avatar picture.

What prohormones were you using? My trusted long term gear using and abusing friends have recently been dabbling in them and the results are quite spectacular. If you have been using the same ones, you will find a real cycle quite disappointing.

Still, you don’t even look like you train. Your results from 2.5 years of training, even if you were natural, are mediocre at best.

You really should not be using gear at this level. If you want help with training and diet, we will be happy to give it.

OP you would really help yourself if you posted some other angles. I can’t see your arms/delts or anything. But judging from that angle it really doesn’t look like you have been training for 2.5 years… Not trying to offend you or anything but maybe it’s time to look harder at diet/training instead of drugs.

That pic was from when i reached 225 fat, that’s not current. I tried to delete it but being that I’m on my phone i couldn’t. That said i ran 5mg dmz twice daily, them 15mg dmz twice daily and third time i ran them i did 25 mid cycle. Keep in mind I’m 6’4" 225 doesn’t look like shit on me

Also, right now I’ve got excess fat on me but I’ll post other angles in a sec

Also keep in mind i don’t want the ripped look…i want some body fat but i want to be solid under it. I’m not a fan of the ripped look personally but these are me right now today @228