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Using Steroids Over the Age of 35

Ok I am 36 and have been training for about ten years. I have a number of issues the main one is my distinct increas in recovery time. As a result I have had to reduce the frequency of my workouts. I use many of the supplements T-Nation provides and have made the decison to incorperate steroids into my workouts to reduce recovery time and enhance my sense of well being.

Those I ahve talked to about this issue are about increasing muscle mass and becoming huge. Adding a little muscle would be ok but I am more interested in keeping what muscle I have and reducing body fat. I have read a number of articles about Testosterone which seems to have a goal of adding size but very little about the use for older individuals. Any guidance would be appricated


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For being rude.


For being a smartass[ he's ok, just a badboy].


Are you asking about doctor-directed and prescribed testosterone replacement therapy to keep you at optimal physiologic levels? If so, this is the right forum. Many threads here pertain to men on TRT.

Then there's another forum on here about other means and ends.


Unless medically indicated why even play with fire.