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Using Squat Power Pants for Stability?

Recovering/rebuilding a lot of muscle lost muscle and strength due to long running illness. What is your thoughts on using squat briefs or power pants to add stability and support while I build back up my squat. I was looking at the inzer power pants

I’d probably go with the spud inc gateway briefs if you really wanted to protect the hips without too much overload.

Power pants are a good second option.

Basically just take it slow and focus on your recovery for training. That should be the most important thing. You may even want to start with regressions if you’ve really lost a lot of muscle and strength.

I’m a huge fan of raw guys using some briefs to save their hips but I’m also a bigger fan of properly building your base. So if your base right now is basically beginner level due to time off, I’d start as a beginner. Until you can do 50% bodyweight goblet squat with perfect form for say 10+ reps, I wouldn’t even bother with a barbell.

Good luck!



Whatever you do, I hope you get better. Keep up the fight.

I made a resolution to be nicer to people in case you’re wondering where that came from.

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I agree with this. After my patella popped out, the first few months involved mainly goblet squats for 12+ reps and dumbell RDL’s for high reps. I didn’t touch a barbell for ages.
Once I had fully recovered, I started traininng light before getting back to where I was before the injury happened.

The injury was actually a blessing in disguise as I focused on my legs more and ended up adding about 100 KG to my squat in about 18 months (It was insanely low before the injury, as I used to skip legs a lot, which was probably the reason I got injured).

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