Using Sled for Neck Hypetrophy

Could one utilize a Sled - to elicit growth in the neck - by attaching a Weighted Sled to a Neck Harness and walking with it for 20-30m or would it be more efficacious to employ conventional hypertrophic methods i.e Weighted Neck Flexion/Extension movements?

I once read a Louie Simmons article where he mention pulling the sled with the neck harness. His advice was to stand facing the sled and do a good morning motion, pulling with the head strap.

If you have poor posture, pulling the sled forward could reinforce, or “strengthen” the forward slump.

Pulling the sled sideways with the headtstraps seems like brutal torture. I bet it would be really effective.

In wrestling practice back in high school we to have our partners “push” our heads while we resisted with our necks. We also did lots of bridging on our heads. Lots of “isometric” or “static” work. I think the sled would work too.

Ive played around with neck work for Rugby. I wouldn’t say much hypertrophy happens, but Neck flexion/extension increases strength. I did mine with resistance bands. We also had some Neck bridge work that wrestlers would do, basically a 3point stance with you head and feet.