Using SGHP & Muscle Snatch in Best Damn Program?

Hi Christian,
I’m looking to incorporate the SGHP and muscle snatch into the best damn program. I have removed the vertical pulls from the program as substituting them out for the SGHP and muscle snatch I feel will help build a more athletic body rather than a bodybuilder body.


  1. Can I follow the rest/pause and cluster protocols for the SGHP and muscle snatch?

  2. In doing so, I’ve moved the seal row to use the myo reps scheme, but because I will be using a BB should I move the rep scheme down from 10-12 to 6-8?

Appreciate the help with this, can’t wait to get started with this program!

Yes, absolutely. I would likely use a RP for the high pull and cluster for muscle snatch

No, why would you have to go heavier/use less reps because you are using a barbell?

Thanks for the reply… I just got the impression that BB multi joint exercises are best for low reps with this type of training, but if I can stick to the original myo reps scheme of 10-12 reps for the seal row that’s great…

Thanks again, looking forward to starting