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Using Really High Reps to Regain Muscle Size

I just had a shoulder reconstruction 13 weeks ago. I had 8 anchors put in my labrum, and one in my bicep tendon. I also had my humeral head drilled out. I started training my bad arm around 6 weeks ago starting with a pink 1lb dumbbell, I am now up to doing bicep curls with 25lb for sets of 20. Can I still get a significant amount of muscle back working with this lighter weight, or does anyone have training suggestions.

Nowhere near an expert but it is possible to gain muscle with lighter loads. Think GVT, 66, 88 etc.

How many reps can you do super strict with slow eccentric? 20? 30? 40? Plenty of room to progress.

You can grow on 30+ reps or someshit like that albeit inefficiently, progressive overload is still the name of the game, but at that point it becomes plain annoying to do it. Fuck standing around for 30 reps.

You can drop set or reduce rest times to up the intensity or use blood flow resistance training which is kinda purpose built for rehab/post injury.

Also clarify with your surgeon or other medical professional as to how much you can/should lift. The prescribed lifting restrictions obviously lessen as you heal so on the off chance you’re actually allowed to lift more ask.

I am a part of a large athletic team where I have access to high level trainers and the surgeon on a daily basis, but they aren’t that concerned about arm size as I am. Today I did 5 sets of 30 with the 20’s and it felt good. I think its helping the tendon heal too because it feels way less tender