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Using Prilepin's Table


I've decided to let 531 alone for a while and focus on increasing my bench press. I've opted to bench Mondays and Fridays now and lower body stuff on Wednesdays.

Using Prilepin's Table -
55-65% = 30 reps
70-80% = 24 reps
80-90% = 20 reps

Mondays will be light day (50/55/60) at 3x10 along w/ assistance work for "active" recovery.
Week 1 3x10x50%
Week 2 3x10x55%
Week 3 3x10x60%
Week 4 repeat

Wednesdays will be box squatting and other leg/core stuff to help the bench while resting the upper body.

Fridays will be my heavy days (55/60/65/70/75/79/80/82.5/85). Each week moving up in percentages. The goal is to finish the highest rep range in the fewest sets possible based on the percentage.

Example: 75% = 24 total reps. In this workout - you must do 24 reps at this weight regardless of how many sets it takes you to get there. The goal is fewest sets possible to hit 24.

Generally, the first set nets the most. Take the highest rep number and use the following formula:

weight x reps x .0333 + weight = possible 1RM. (170lb x 25reps x .0333 + 170lb = 311.525lb)

Whatever number is the highest at the end of the training regardless of the week or weight used and use that to calculate your new cycle. The cycle is 9 weeks long. On the 10th week - you can try for an actual 1RM, rest or begin a new cycle.

If you're in a rut, looking for something new to try and at a plataeu, give this a try w/ me and see if you make progress.


Friday 8-26-11 Bench Rep Day

1x25x170 1x5x170 = 30 reps at 60%

3x15 light band pull aparts

5x5x225 4 board press

2x15 light band face pulls

This is the second workout. I did the first one earlier and did 155x30 reps(55%).


Interesting, I can feel the burn as I type.


nice work-

I think Prilepin's table is fantastic
but I think you have missed out oh how it is laid out.

Its total reps- made up in volume of reps appropriate to
the percentage.

usulally done in ranges of 2-4,3-6 , triples doubles and singles
not in big chunks of reps.

as you get higher in percentage- your going to be doing many less reps
no one is doing 10 or 12 reps at 90 percent or above.

here is a great video explains it much better then I can.


I appreciate the thought and video. I do understand the purpose of the table. While I believe speed has its place, the rep ranges are still a useful tool for the amount of work being performed. And if I chose to do 8x3 at 60% for one session, I could. I believe most people should use this table as a basis for their strength programs. I gave it a twist to see if it can be used this way for strength AND hypertrophy benefits rather than just speed strength.

I won't be going above 90 w/ this training except on the 10th week to try a new 1RM. And I agree, no one is gonna do 10 reps in a row or even 10 singles at 90+.

But...like I say...it's something fun I want to try and see if there are any benefits to using it this way. It gives me a starting point and a goal in which to make increases based on thousands of Olympic lifters.

I'll see how it plays out. I may be the biggest fool for trying it, but it's all in the name of gaining strength and muscle.


Monday 8-29-11 Bench

All close grip
Bar 2x30
95 2x15
135 2x12
155 3x10 = 30 reps 55%
185 5x5 2 board

Chest supported rows 3x12
Reverse flyes 3x12
Lateral raises 3x12


If it works for you, lemme know. Always looking for the miracle cure for a bigger bench.


Wednesday 8-31-2011 Core/Legs

Good Mornings
Bar 1x15
95 2x10
135 2x10

Box Squat

Back Raise 3x10

Felt like the abs got a good working just from these 3 movements.


Friday 9-2-2011 Bench Rep Day
Warm up w/ bar, 95, 135 for several sets high reps
Work set 185x22,8 (65%)
Pause singles 185x3 205x2 225x2 245x1
Accessory stuff - triceps, rear delts

Monday 9-5-2011 Bench
Warm up w/ bar - 95 - 135 several high rep sets
Pause singles 185x2 205x2 225 245 255 265 275
Accessory stuff - skulls 3x15 db rows 2x25 pullaparts x 15 and something else I can't remember.

  • Decided to start implementing some pause singles since I have a competition coming up in late October. Also a good time to start working on reversal and explosive strength since I don't like the 40-60% speed work (only works well w/ bands and chains at those percentages). Besides, moving a light weight fast w/o any resistance at the top is pointless unless you hate your joints and want to destroy them. The 65-80% range seems to help better off the chest and using heavy 3-4 board presses.


Wednesday 9-7-2011 Core/Legs
Warmup w/ foam roller, hip stuff, good mornings w/ bar.

Deadlift 135x5,5 then singles of 185x2 225x2 275x2 315x2 365x1 missed 385.

Back raises x 15
Step ups on bench x 10 each leg
Calf raises x 15 w/ 225 on bar
Side bends x 20
Ab roller x 15

Weight felt fast in the DL. Leverage wasn't right on 385. Got it off the floor barely past the knees. Moved fast but tied up quick. Everything else for one set on accessory stuff. Moving weight quickly for singles wears me out fast.


Friday 9-9-11 Bench
Warmup - Custom upper body warmups per Joey Smith video.
Warmup - Bar 2x20 / 95 2x10 / 135 2x10 / 185x5
Work Set - 195x21 195x3 = 24 reps (70%)

Rolling DB extensions 2x15
Pushups 1x25
High snatch pulls 2x15
Lateral raises 1x20
Hammer Curls 1x15
Face Pulls 1x20

Feeling great right now. I'm really liking the programming. Seem to be getting stronger each session. Staying disciplined 3 days a week is paying off in recovery. Joey Smith warmups seem to help a lot!


Sunday 9-11-11 Bench
Light upper body warmup
Bench warmup - Bar-2x20 95-2x10 135x10 155x10
1 board pause singles - 185x2 205 225 245 265 285 305(PR)

Tate Press 1x30
DB Press 1x20
Shrugs 1x30
Dip Shrugs 1x20
Alternating Iso Hammer Curls 1x15
One-arm BB rows 2x10

Finally got a monkey off my back and hit a 300lb bench press. Lifting today since I work late Monday and won't have time to lift. So I'll probably switch up to Sun/Tues/Thurs for a bit until something else comes up. My confidence is pretty high right now and the programming is working very well. Like a bull, I'll ride her till she bucks me!


Tuesday 9-13-11 Legs/Core
Lower body warmup then...
Box Squat 135 - 2x5 185x5 225x5 275x3 315x3
Leg Raises 3x10
Neck Raises 2x30
Light band reverse side bends 2x15

EVERYTHING on the squat felt heavy starting at 225. I don't know why. Bar never felt right on my back. Oh well, those days come. Tried a different kind of side bend for my obliques by putting a light band under my foot and grabbing it at knee height and pulling from my knee to a standing position. It really hit my obliques hard. If you try it, stick your elbow into your side to keep your arm stiff while pulling. This session sucked, but mama said there'd be days like this.


Thursday 9-15-11 Bench
Upper body warmup.
Bench warmup - Bar 2x20 95x10 135x10 155x8 185x5
Workset - 210x13,7 = 20 reps (75%)

Hammer curl
Reverse fly
Face pulls
Light band pushdowns
Lateral raises

All accessory sets were 1x20. Have a cold so not fully up to par but made a go of it anyway. Realized afterwards that I was supposed to do 24 reps at 75%. Guess I should read first.


Sunday 9-18-11 Bench
Upper body warmup.
Bench warmup Bar 2x20 95x10 135x10 155x8
2 Board singles 185x2 205 225 245 275 295 315 325

Inverted rows 2x8
Reverse chest fly 1x15
Shrugs 2x20
One arm barbell rows 1x15


Tuesday 9-20-11 Deadlift
Lower body warmup
Conventional 135x5 185x5 225x3 315x3 365x2
Sumo 135x5 315x5,3

Avg and light band good mornings
One arm barbell rows
Light band reverse side bends
Face pulls
Back raises

My deadlift sucks because I've ignored it trying to build my bench up. As soon as the meet is over, I'll be pursuing a bigger deadlift. My gut is too big to pull conventional and I feel better over the bar sumo style. Although I did hit a PR with doing 315x5 sumo so I'm glad for that.


Friday 9-23-11 Bench
Short upper body warmup
Bench - Bar 2x25 135x10,5 185x5 225x3 245 275 295(PR) 225 2x8 downset
Dips - 10,8 BW
Pushdowns - 2x20 1x15 1x10
T-Bar rows - 3x15 alternating grips
Lateral raises - 3x15

Trained w/ a partner today and got some old school knowledge from one of the best unknown powerlifters back in the day named John Needham. I will be training in his basement from time to time. My training partner is 52 yrs old w/ a 405 bench and 605 deadlift. He'll be competing w/ me at the Quad State Championship in Salem, Ohio in 4 weeks. He'll probably be shooting for a state record in bench and national record in deadlift(which is also a world record but the event is not world sanctioned). He's got some old school equipment and some homemade stuff that is just awesome. In John's day, he put up 460 bench in competition at 165 lb before any bench shirts were around.


Saturday 9-24-11 Deadlift
Lower body warmup
Sumo 135x2x6 185x2x5 225x2x5
Conventional 275x3x5

Average banded good mornings 3x15
Back raises 3x10
Neck raises 25x3x25

Thought I'd pull sumo fulltime but I just gotta pull conventional cuz I can pull more that way. Just working reps today, nothing heavy. Felt a little tired from yesterday's workout, but needed to get in some extra deadlifting.


Monday 9-26-11 Bench
Upper body warmup
Bar 2x25
95 2x15
135 2x10
185 2x8
225x7 1 board
225x10 2 board

DB Rows 10's at 60,70,80.

Just a quick rep workout. Felt pretty burnt after the bench reps so took it easy w/ accessory. Feel like a cold is lingering a bit. Kinda drained.


9-28-11 Wednesday Deadlift
135x2x5 185x2x5 225x2x5 275x3 315x3
Squat 135x5 185x5 225x5
Band pull aparts 5x15
Neck raises 5x20
DB shrugs 3x20