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Using Peptides


I am 23 yrs old and am considering using peptides. I have read the peptides thread as well as some logs but, can not seem to find any discussion about results.

My primary goal is building muscle fast. What can be expected after 3-4 months? My training, eating ,and supplement intake is all in order. I in no way expect this to yield similar results to an AAS cycle but, would like and idea of what may be expected.

Considered Peptides: IGF-1 LR3, CJC-1295 no DAC, and GHRP-2 or GHRP-6

This is the stack I am looking into but, am open to suggestions and will continue reading before jumping in.

I am 5'10.5 , 165 lbs, under 10% bf. Goal:10-15 lbm


Look up Clint Darden on the youtubez. He has some very informative videos on the subject.


Would also be interested in how peptides stack up permanent gains wise with AAS cycle


Great advice john!.I would also recommend Ric Drasin and an interview he conducts with Rich Piana. Rich is really welbuilt and extremely knowledgeable. Im 54 and was a former amateur competitor.I just finished a 6-month dr Rx hgh at 3 to 5 i.u's a day.At 5 i.u's I got water retention and my joints in my finger's got acky and my hands got a little bloated.I went down to 3 i.u's and seemed to get leaner and more cut,also I used 200mg's of test. The thing about those peptides from the gray Market is quality control and are they legitimate,as some of those peptides are only available through government trial's like IGF-1.According to Rich piana there are only 2 legitimate companie's and both require medical documentation from research scientist's,not some 18yr old kid bodybuilding.see ya john


At 23 I doubt he can get a scrip for GH.Black market gh is a crap shoot.GHRP-6 is a rather short chain,IIRC.It's questionable if a 23 yr old needs extra gh.


You Are 100% Right.Someone my age get's a test called IGF-1 and $160.00 and then wait's 2-week's and the Dr. get's a report similar to testosterone.Most dr's 1st and foremost know nothing about testosterone,Let alone HGH.My test said like the testosterone that I was LOW Normal,but since he didn't really know what he was prescribing.I got a Rx on 3 different occasion's,but once he knew this substance was contrivercial??? He got (COLD FEET) and Like a dr who gives a Rx for Oxycontin 80mg's want's to end this drug as soom as he can????all the best john


I have been into peps for a while now. Ipamorelin is more my flavour. But with CJC watch for anxiety sides. I am prone to anxiety so I had to discontinue.

Recommend blasting it for 2 months ..then a break and let your receptors rest. Good advice from Piana.

Also stay on top of your food. And water retention is normal.

my 2cents


I have done a short cycle of CJC-1295 no DAC, and GHRP-6. I want to give it another try at the beginning of the year but I can say it does not even come close to just adding a small amount of test a week. It can also be cumbersome with you diet.


From what I have been reading on other sites (DBT) it seems you are correct. Perhaps a bit of lean muscle gain and strength but, most report overall feeling of well being, better sleep, skin, hair. etc. as well as helping stay leaner. Which sounds great for me.

I am finishing up accutane so, this hopefully repairs/takes me beyond any "cosmetic" effects it may have had. Right now I learning all I can and planning my first Test only cycle.


It does aid in clearing up your skin. That is true. This happens over a period of time.