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Using Olympic Lifts to Get Jacked


Hello, I recently read your article 7 ways to get jacked with olympic lifts https://www.T-Nation.com/training/7-ways-to-get-jacked-with-olympic-lifts . This article really intrigued me and I took the principles you laid out in the article and made my own routine. Was wondering if you could give me some critique/advice on the program please. I enjoy doing the lifts and would like to spend some time training them and working on technique/improving them. I know it is not optimal but I am not going to compete in olympic lifting any time soon. So any critque/advice/changes would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Forgot to mention too that I am only able to train 4 days a week.

MONDAY-Clean Day
1.Power Clean 6x3 reps
2.Hang Clean 5x5 reps
3. Power Shrugs 5x6 reps
4. Front Squat 5x6 reps
5. Pull ups 4x6-8 (weighted)
5. Hanging Leg Raises 5x20 reps
6. Farmers Walks 4x60 sec

WED-Snatch Day
1. Power Snatch From Hang 6x3
2. Snatch Grip High Pull 5x5
3. SG Deadlift 4x6-8
4. Back Squat 5x6-8
5. Ab Rollout 5x20
6. Klokov Snatch Complex for conditioning

FRI-Clean & Jerk Related day
1. Split Jerk 6x3
2. Push Press 5x5
3. Military Press 4x6-8
4. Dips 4x6-8 (weighted)
5. Shoulder Complex 3 rounds 20 reps each exercise
a.bent over rear delt fly
b. lateral raise
c. front raise
6. Arnold Presses 4x10

SAT- Bodybuilding Day
1. Dumbbell Bench press 4x10-12
2. Incline fly 4x10-12
3. Kroc Rows 3x20 (each arm)
4. Barbell Curl 3x12
5. Skull crusher 3x12
6. Hammer Curl 3x12
7. Rope Tricep Extension 3x12
8. Leg Press (wide stance to hit hams, glutes and quads) 5x20

Again any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!