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Using Old MAG-10 Legacy

I bought a case of MAG-10 the legacy formula prior to it being taken off the market. I had used the liquid earlier and capsules in the large bottle when they were offered. Never had any problems. The first two bottles used out of the case were fine with no detectable side effects. The next two I used earlier this year caused me to break out in a itchy rash on my chest, shoulders and back. Took about a week to go away both times. My supplement list was unchanged.

Anyone else have any problems like this? If so, how did you fix it? Thanks for any feedback. The label doesn’t list niacin as an ingredient, but I know from past history I react to niacin in a similar fashion. The odd thing as I said above is I had used two bottles without any reaction. Don’t know what is different?

I had a similar reaction. I just busted open my last bottle and after two days my nose turned red, my skin itched, and my upper lip swelled up like I was having a severe allergic reaction. It took about a week to go away. I’ve never had this kind of reaction from it before, and I’ve used several (similar) bottles without problem over the last few years.

I think after five years of sitting in the freezer, it finally went bad. I tossed the whole bottle.