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Using Nolv on a cycle and Clomid PCT...


Later down the road I'm planning a 500 mg/week test cycle for my first cycle and I have a question about some drugs to use to support my cycle and for PCT.

Sadly, I do not have a source of HCG but I do have a source for both tamoxifen and clomid.

I know that arimidex is what a lot of people suggest to use while on a cycle but holy Christ is it expensive for me. I can get tamoxifen (nolva) for much cheaper.

My question is, would it be viable to use nolva throughout a cycle as an anti-estrogen and then use clomid for PCT?





Well shit...


Actually from reading around it looks like some people who are using heavier cycles than me are getting away using just 0.25 mg of adex EOD so if that would work I could probably afford it.


I didn't even know the existence of AI's until I found this site. Sure they are good to have, but all the guys I know run their cycle with 20-30mg nolva ED. None of them ever had an estrogen rebound. Final thought: good to have, but not necessary.




find a resource that sells It for cheap.. it should not cost that much at all..

either that, or pin your test ED, subq.. that will greatly reduce the need for an AI


Very interesting. That actually seems like a good way to get more bang for your buck too since less testosterone will convert to estrogen.

I may try that.