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Using My Dad's Lifting Program

my Dad did a great job getting really big a couple years ago and he told me what he did and i wanted to try. What do you all think about this:

Mon- Chest and Back
Tue- Legs
Thur- Shoulders and traps
Fri- Arms and abs

-Chest and back-
Bench press
BB rows
Inc bench
reverse flys

leg ext.
leg curls
calf raises

-Shoulders and traps-
military pres
shoulder press
front raises
lateral raise

-Arma and abs-
bb curls
tricep pushdowns
db curl
skull crushers
legs to chest
sit ups

He followed a six month periodization plan
light month-4 sets of 10-12
medium moth- 4 sets of 6-8
heavy month- 4 sets of 2-4

He got major results out of this workout. Tell me what you think, please.:slight_smile:

P.s my goal is to gain weight...like a lot of weight.


The program looks balanced, but getting big is mostly a function eating big. Although of course you need to lift hard at the same time.


I i got the eating on lockdown. Every 3 hours. 1gr of protein per lbs. of weight. 1.5 carbs per lbs. and around 2750 callories. i am in wrestling season right now and at 10 % body fat i weigh 140. But the program looks ok?


So in the third month you're going to do lateral raises for 2-4 reps per set? If that's the case, I don't think it's good.

The same goes for the majority of exercises you have listed there.

But in particular, I can't see much good coming from taking a heavy double on lateral raises. Just my opinion.


ya that does sound kinda weird. maybe i will pick another exercise or kick the reps up


I've found high pulls to be better than lateral raises for working the shoulders.



High pulls work the traps I swear, and also it looks like this http://www.exrx.net/WeightExercises/OlympicLifts/HighPull.html

In fact I think I have googled an amazing site http://www.exrx.net/index.html


oh ya high pullZ!! i completely forgot about those. Good suggestion, definately will be adding those.


oh ya and i use exrx a lot. it is amazing!


That's what I thought, but I definitely feel the soreness the day after I day high pulls. Perhaps I just don't do them very well. Although I do overhead squats on the same day so that may be a contributing factor.


ya that will do it. Could any of u guys recommend a workout program for huge muscle gains?


drink a gallon of milk a day during whatecer program you do.


The reason why I am doubtful about the exercise specifically hitting the shoulders, ie direct shoulder work, is that the high pull is a accessory exercise to the powerclean and snatch. Both of these movements are more about using leg drive and the lower back to accelerate the bar so that the lifter is able to "duck under" and catch the bar. The shoulder play a very small part in relation to everything else. An analogy in my opinion would the traps in the squat (low bar position) that although they are working they are not specifically being used. If you are feeling sore in your shoulders after high pulls it is probably because you are "pulling" the bar up with your arms, instead of your legs. Direct shoulder work is military press and Arnold press my favourites anyway.


Squats and milk :smiley:


Hmm, I'd always thought that the high pull didn't involve the legs. I've just been using my arms.


It depends on what your definition of the high pull is

mine is

do you start from the hips ie you just pull the bar up/


Yeah, apart from the initial lift off the ground, I just go from the hip.


Truth. And that's in addition to the other food you eat.


I personally think legs and chest/back are the most physically demanding days. I wouldn't put them next to each other.


Ah, then unless you are doing a hang high pull we are on a different page in a different textbook.

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