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Using More Than 250mg Test E7D?



I want to know if there are any athletes out there (you!) who are using more then 250mg Test e7d, for example e5d, and so on...

Could you also listen your sport and maybe for what reason you use it?

Would be great to read some experiences :slightly_smiling:


just read some of the cycle logs on this page. Save your self sometime and flaming and use the search function.


Just fyi. Anyone that has planned a proper cycle will infact be injecting more than 250mg E7D.


250mg/week is basically HRT.

Almost no gains, but you will shut yourself down.

Youll be worse off when you do comeoff than if you never started injecting to begin with.

A modest cycle is more like 500mg/week.

Some run as high as a gram a week stacked with other androgens.


In the track and field (sprint, decathelon, long jump etc) uses testosterone at around 250-400mg range, ususally test prop. They try to keep T:E ratio under 5:1. The added recovery and CNS improvment is very handy. Weight gain and water retention is avoided like a plague.

Power athelete ( shot, discus, hammer) stack tren with test for added strength, dbol is frequently used. dosage can be as high as 1 gram/week combined during off season.

Olympic weightlifter
test prop and dbol is very popular. Dbol is used toward pre-contest prep. short cycles. dosage are moderate due to weight class restrictions.
female lifter uses OT quite a lot.

most athletes use short cycles, due to potential injury concerns with high training volume. GH, peptides, masking agents and other exotic compundsare used on top atheltes or if team funding permits. OT is first used on young athletes with high potential, ususally start around 16 yo (a little earlier for female) . If world class performance is not acheived by 18-19, then AAS used is discontinued. They usually retire in that case and stop training for competitive sport.

This is the ususal drug regime for certain very large country in east asia. Northern provinces tend to use higher dosage, and higher training volume than the south.

My comment may be purely fictional.


for most "athletes", they can only qualify for B-class in international comps no matter how much drug they use. If they do compete, will get tested positive,so what's the point aye? Genetics is NO.1.

I assume you are an athlete, are you on self-prescribed AAS cycle or coach/team prescribed mandatory AAS cycle? If it's the latter case, I would talk to the coach or team doctor about dosage issue. I think he/she would have plenty of experience on performance enhancing drug and its effects. Otherwise, you just have to find out yourself, through trial and error


gotta know why "Youll be worse off when you do comeoff than if you never started injecting to begin with. "??
if u resume normal body function after the end of cycle, esp on such low dose.


theres no reason to shut down ur endocrine systems for the almot non existant gains 250mg will provide

500mg per week is a much more productive dose and comes with more or less the same side effecst as 250mg

do it properly or ur just pi$$ing into the wind


no i know 500 is the min but my q is why Youll be worse off when you do comeoff than if you never started injecting to begin with??
if ur body resumes normal function after.
and 250 a week will still do something for ya, not much but something.


Sorry, but I'm not talking about bodybuilders...

I'm talking about football, basketball etc...like one of the first posts about weightlifters and sprinters...

I mean how can anyone who has to run or jump take >250mg per week?


Im also talking about athletes.

Any androgens introduced to the system are going to shut you down.

250mg is going to shut you down in a matter of weeks.

You guys have this perception that 250mg/week is not going to shut you down as much.

What you dont realize is that after about 2-3 weeks it doesnt matter what your running, once your shutdown your shutdown.

If you intend to run for 10 weeks it doesnt matter how much you run.

Might as well get enough gains out of it to make the harsh recovery worth it.

Use 500 gain 10 pounds of muscle and be able to train like a motherfucker, so that when you come off, even if you only keep 80% of it, thats still years of progress in months.

Speed, recovery, strength, test is pretty much going to make you better at everything.

Or use 250, gain 2-3 pounds, a little better recovery, come off and lose most of it, and be only slightly better off.

You dont have to use 500, but its more worthwhile.

You will need an AI btw to prevent water retention and estrogen buildup.


you need to listen to what is being said. 250/week is a WASTE of TIME. You'll be shut down if you take 250, and you be shut down if you take 2500.

So listen to the people who have to doing this for a long time and are offering you advice even though you keep ignoring it.

Test will improve all athletic function. In every sport. Its not going to bog you down.


What he is most likely worried about is the water retention.

Which with a properly dosed AI will be almost non-existent.

The only other thing to worry about is apprently excessive calf pump.

Im not a professional athlete but I do play sports very regularly, and I have never noticed anything that would impair my performance running test, dbol, deca you name it.

The only that is noticeably uncomfortable is tren, and thats simply due to its reduction in your cardio capacity.


Yes, I worry about the pump in my calves but that seems to be the smallest problem...I heared/noticed that the water intention is also caused by too many carbs and I really don't want to use any AI (but I got them for possible side effects)


just run prop then, at around 350mg/week [50mg/day] and you probably wouldn't need an AI, and you wont hold water.


Are you subjected to any drug testing at all?
as it can limit your drug selection.
Generally, you run heavier cycles during off season. and lighter cycles leading up to a competition, with masking agents of your choice.

prop + masteron or proviron combo good for your purpose.


Most first cycles would be more than that, 500 most of the time, seen 750. Plus other gear. 250 is slightly a joke, not slightly, is.


How many of you guys slamming this protocol, saying it's a waste of time, a joke, etc., have actually done it? How many of you have actually trained for a sport like what the OP is inquiring about? And cycled specifically for that sport. And I'm not talking about in HS or or div fucking 12 college; I mean really trained.

Because to be honest, a lot of what you guys are saying just sounds like regurgitated bro dogma. If you have any sort of respectable empirical evidence to back up your statements please post it because otherwise no one has any way of knowing whether you are right or wrong.


With yer mouth open.


lol are you serious? You are arguing the fact that 250 mg/week will not shut you down as much and produce better gains than 500 mgs/week?