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Using Monolift By Yourself


Spotters can get crushed doesn’t matter as long as I come out unscathed


Following up on this thread just to be like issue resolved.

Had a gym buddy who had some straps in the boot of his car and isn’t gonna compete for a long time so lent me them as long as I need

Unfortunately didn’t get to try out @strongmangoals ‘ idea but am sure it would’ve done to job well


I don’t recommend using straps on a monolift that is not bolted to the floor.

It can and will flip the monolift at over 405 in bar weight. The more weight on the bar the more likely a failed squat can flip it.

Safety first or something.


It seems like a lot of meets use straps on monolifts that aren’t bolted down, RPS and WPC do that but I haven’t seen any monolifts flip. Does that apply to all models or only certain types? Of course they have spotters to prevent a disaster at a meet, so that could be part of it.


The use of numerous spotters makes this scenario less likely but it can still happen.

It’s less of an issue if you just fail at the bottom and have to bail out. If you dump the bar, or pass out, etc the bar will catch in the straps, the excess momentum will create a pendulum affect and then the mono will tip.

Been there, seen that. EliteFTS now puts a sticker on all their monolifts discouraging the use of safety straps.

If you’ve got plenty of spotters, it’s not too much of an issue.


Could one stack some weight on the base to minimise the risk of this?

If it does flip would it flip in a direction that would miss my head (might crush my spotter lol).

I’ve never passed out on squats or dumped it from high but anything can happen. Not gonna be over 405 for the most part either and not for a while.


Would help a bit, if you’re not going over 405 you’re likely just fine. It’s probably more of a concern over 600lbs and if you have no spotter or passout.

Just throwing to caution out there as it is a risk.