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Using Monolift By Yourself

Quick question on using the monolift.

I got my first meet mid next year where I’ll be using a monolift. I have barely any experience with a monolift so far. I often train at a gym that has a monolift but it’s not a powerlifting gym so not many people no their way around it. Also I usually train alone so my mates aren’t there to be my monolift guy

I saw this video of a guy “auto” monolifting. Where you take off the handle lock or whatever it’s called so when you unrack the bar the hooks swing back and he walks it in when he is done.

So I’m wondering if this is good way to get me some monolift set up practice. I’m not going to be going really heavy nowhere near a max but I’d like to know if it’s safe and a good idea to do this.

Why not just continue to walk it out? I actually hate squatting from a “mono lift” (have people pull pins occasionally). Just never feels good to me but I like to keep everything the same. You’ll literally see me inching the bar over a 1/4" just to be even. I don’t change things that work unless there’s a good reason. Just can’t see it doing much unless I’m squatting 800+


What you are talking about is the equivalent of using a monolift attachment on a power rack, you should be fine as long as you have safety straps to keep you from hitting the ground if you fail.

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People claim it can add 50+lbs to your squat, if you find the walkout take a lot out of you then there is probably some benefit to it. I’m thinking of getting a monolift attachment for my rack, but if you compete in a fed that doesn’t use monolift there is obviously no point. I get what you are saying about it never feeling good, that’s why Malanichev always walks out his squats, his gym doesn’t have a monolift so he’s not used to it.

Some guy said he had the straps that go with the mono in his car but haven’t seen him around as I’ve been out of town.

There’s some wooden blocks I could pop on either side of the monolift like makeshift safeties like Blaine Sumner does. Not sure how well that’d work if the legs of the monolift get in the way.

I dunno. Even if it’s a little bit of energy saved or tightness maintained with the monolift 1% is a difference lots of people would take. More weight is more weight. Funny if a guy was squatting 135 used a mono to squat 140.

I can’t really give advice to a high level lifter like yourself but maybe if you spent more time with a monolift you could get something out of it?

How come the gym doesn’t provide safety straps? Either get that sorted out, get some good spotters, or make sure you can dump the bar if you fail. If I was you and was mostly training alone I would just squat in a power rack and walk it out in the meet.

going a bit further You say anyone would take a 1% increase. It might take you a few weeks to get used to it, where you could’ve gotten stronger just walking it out. Idk I’m just kind of talking out loud lol I gotta roll in late for work ha ha

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Why not both?

It’s fine for any weight you’re not afraid of having crash into your skull or onto the floor.

If you want to practice unracking in a mono you can do that without the pins pulling away.

Much better to just walk out if you don’t have an operator. ( i’ve nearly killed myself too many times doing this exact same thing in the video, i’ll still continue to do it when i have to but it’s dumb every time )

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Sussed it out at the gym. Probs gonna be a no go. You’d need some weight on the hooks to stop if swinging back a smidge when you take off the lock mechanism and then it’s hard to get set up under.

Had some guy do the monolifting for me today. Ended up setting up with feet too close surprise surprise but felt good. Definitely something to get used to because my body lets out a bit of air and tightness in preparation to walk out automatically. The walkouts wired in I guess

Go to an auto, camping or hardware store. Ask for some motorbike tie down lashing with a quick release buckle (cam buckle, see pic below). Don’t buy a hook or a ratchet system. You’ll probably need 3m but you may want to measure your mono before deciding how long a strap you want

Buy atleast 600kg rated straps - they are designed to hold a 600kg bike on something going from 100+kmph to 0 very quickly.

Should be cheap and small enough to fit easily into your gym bag and very quick to set up.



Not enough for me. Guinea Pig flexing most muscular.

But actually great idea. Some Qs though might need some diagrams or pics:

Which dimension would I be measuring?
Where do the straps actually go on the monolift?

Google: spud inc monolift straps, that will show you where these are placed. You want them long enough so they loop around the monolift and allow you to reach depth - or just but them as long as the spud inc ones.

Also, give the straps a test before using at least once. You should be confortable they will catch the weight.


The initial switch will hurt your squat and take some time too get back to normal them add. In the same time you could’ve just added to your walked out squat. Plus you don’t want to get too used to a mono then your forced to find a comp with one or else your going to the loose lbs on the squat.

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Hmm maybe your just the IPF trying to stop me from going to the dark side / fun side

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It is like 5 am where are your that your up already. I get up at 4 to hit the gym about now. And I hate the ipf more than any other fed lol


Australia maaate

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So like put a bar onto it and load it up a bit or drop it a small distance off my back?

No, put the bar on the straps at above knee height. Load up it for a heavy rack pull (well above a really hard squat).

If you intend to dump the bar on a fail squat then pull it and drop. Be ready for the mono to be pulled forward lol.

Only thing worse than no straps are straps than fail on you. Ideally, you have spotters and the straps are there incase the spotters fail.

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