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Using Milk While Dieting

I’m starting a diet and will be using an MPR and a protein powder. I hate using water with either one so my question is would milk hurt my objective of losing fat? What about using skim milk? How do the carbs in milk affect dieting? Also, are there any alternatives to water or milk? I’m sure you can see I’m a beginner by this question.

It just depends on how well you tolerate milk and carbs. Some preople can use milk without any problems, while others can’t.

Another option is to get a protein powder and MRP that mix well with water like Metabolic Drive.

I like to use Calorie Countdown milk from Hood. It has reduced carbs. In fact, it used to be called Carb Countdown. Even some Metabolic Drive tastes better with milk. I’ll often use half water and half CC milk for my MRPs.

in my opinion with Metabolic Drive, you can just mix it with straight water. It tastes really good (1 scoop choc. 1 scoop banana) the best. It has a milky/thicker texture, you couldn’t even tell it was water mixed in, but I do understand that some proteins sucks with water. I like yoriks post about half water/half milk.

Thanks guys!

I mix skim milk with all my protein shakes, it makes a great balance of protein and carbs for a pre-workout and recovery drink… I drink one an hour and a half before I go to the gym and one directly after my workout…