Using Microwave To Reheat Food??

I have started my 6 meal a day diet, and for convenience I cook loads of food and then when needed (over the next three days) heat it up in the microwave and then eat it when its meal time.

I read somewhere (i think here on T-Nation) that using a microwave is bad for you in the long run (i will be heating 4 meals a day), but is it ok to just heat it for say, 30 seconds, which seems sufficient to warm the food up. I belive the article said about using it to cook food, but all I want to know is if a microwave is not dangerous to warm food up, especially if I have 4 ‘warm’ meals a day.

I also researched the topic on google (about 30 minutes looking and reading), and it came up mainly with scientific studies, and jargon. What do t-nationers do?

Just avoid reheating your food in plastic containers. They leach phytoestrogens into your food when heated.

Avoid the plastic if you can, but unless you’re in top shape and you can noticeably tell a difference with the plastic containers, don’t sweat it. Reheat in the microwave if needed and don’t worry too much.

Try using glass if possible. Meat + plastic = no no