Using Micro-PA For Fat Loss: Yes or No?

Hi Coach,

What are your thoughts on using Micro-PA for fatloss? Has it proven beneficial to you or your clients in the past? Off course you have to train hard enough to get the desired effect. I’m just wondering if the prolonged mTOR activation via Micro-PA does in fact increase lipolysis and β - oxidation, taking thermodynamic laws into account?

Also, are there neurotypes who might not have added benefits supplementing with this product? For example can type 3’s use this effectively or should they simply focus on expressing as much follistatin as possible to inhibit myostatin?

Lastly, if you could only pick one day to supplement with Micro-PA, would you pick the isometric day? The obvious answer would be to use it on all workouts but that’s really expensive. I deliberately asked iso days because, as you know, eccentric and concentric workouts already increase intracellular phosphatidic acid levels via greater mechanical tension.

Thank you, merci mille fois!