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Using Measurements around Belly for Progress

I have been checking my weight weekly and measuring around my belly button for a few weeks now to determine if I am progressing or not. Is this a good method or should I use something else?

2nd question. I have stayed the same weight at 245, height 5’11. My stomach has gone down an inch a week since starting to track this. Is that too much too quick?

Waist measurement and weight are good metrics.

If you started out your weight loss as someone that is fat, don’t worry about losing weight/size too fast. Let it happen.


Thanks for the advice. I’ll just ride it out and enjoy it while it lasts.

Completely normal
Just don’t become disheartened when it doesn’t progress at the same speed at a linear line through
As pwn said, let it happen.
Stay consistent and when you start slowing down, make adjustments to suit with your diet and continue on :+1:

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I’ll be happy when I have to start eating less lol. I’m not a big eater to begin with so the 4,000 calories I consume daily is tough.

Are you losing weight on 4k cals a day?

I’m not losing lbs on the scale but I’m losing an inch off my belly a week. I guess my body is using my body fat for extra fuel? I don’t hit 4000 every single day but I never drop below 3500. Most days are 4000 thou like 5 out of 7. I use that MyFitnessPal app to count calories.

Again, nothing wrong there. Just try keep it as consistent as you can on your food choices and macros. Fire up the metabolism keeping cals as high as possible.
If you know what your LBM is, keep that as your protein intake per pound, e.g. 210 pound is 210g
Keep your fats pretty even, and the rest is carbs which you’re obviously going to adjust up or down to lose or gain weight
Take the even ground and don’t adjust more then 150/200 cals at a time and you’ll be fine

That’s pretty ideal if you ask me. Losing inches means losing bodyfat, which has weight to it. So if your scale weight isn’t going down at all, that means, you’re simultaneously gaining muscular mass. Which is a good thing. Sounds to me like you found a pretty sweet spot in your diet. I’d keep doing exactly what you’re doing now until the progress stalls, and then you can drop the calories just a bit.