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Using Maximal Weights

I recently read Charles Poliquin’s article “Training With Maximal Weights” from T-Mag issue #1. He gives a sample routine focusing on the arms and pairing bi’s and tri’s together. I liked the routine, but was wondering how I would fit this into a training split. If I pair chest with back, and bi’s with tri’s, should I give shoulders there own day or pair them with legs? If possible, I would like to hit each muscle group once in a 5 day cycle. If you have any suggestions,let me know. Thanks.

day 1: arms
day 2: legs
day 3: off
day 4: chest and back
day 5: off
Don’t train shoulders while you’re on the program. Except perhaps for the “heavy duty” weeks where you only perform 4 sets for your arms, you can train them with your arms then. It is not necessary to train the shoulders year round, especially while on this program. Poliquin himself has written so on many occasions.

I’m on my last 3 week cycle of maximam weights (the 5,4,3,2,1 workouts)and I have to tell you I’ve had some huge success with it. The only thing I do different is that I work the muscle group once every seven days. For example Mon. Chest and shoulder (only one shoulder exercise, Tues. Back and Calves, Thurs. Legs, Fri. Arms.