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Using maltodextrin

This may sound like a stupid question but I just wanted to make sure since there is no nutrition info on the bag.

I have been making homemade post workout drinks using 40g powdered gatorade and 25g protein powder. So is it as simple as substituting 1 gram of the gatorade powder for each gram of maltodextrin I add? Thanks for any help

I would try a 50/50 mix of maltodextrin and dextrose. I’m sure if you know who manufactured your maltodextrin powder you can find a nutrition label somewhere on the Internet. This will allow you to know how many grams of carbs you get per serving.

Hope that helps.


Are you saying that you use 40g of Gatorade? Like, weighed out? Because that’s about 35g of actual sugars, and 37.5g of carbohydrate. There’s salts and other stuff in Gatorade as well.

Or are you using 40g of carbohydrate in Gatorade form?

Anyway, I agree with JeffT to use a malto/dextrose mix. May help, and it certainly won’t hurt. If I remember correctly, might make the drink a bit sweeter, and thus more palatable. I think the actual nutritional info will depend on where you’re getting the maltodextrin and dextrose from, as he also mentioned–look for nutritional info.

Dan “PW!” McVicker

My 50/50 malto/dextrose is great. I do use Gatorade powder sometimes however to get a better taste. You would have to look at the nutrition facts for your mixture. I believe my shakes are 60g of malto/dextrose and 22g of hydrolyzed whey.

I got the maltodextrin in a small brew shop and the woman behind the counter just looked at me blankly when I told her it was going into a post workout drink so she wasnt much help when I asked about nutrition facts, and I looked on the manufacturer’s website before but they dont have any nutrition info.

I have been using the gatorade power going by the scoop, not weight. One scoop should give me 20g of carbs, with almost 19 of it from sugars. I know it sounds like Im not using that much carb/sugar in this drink but Im only 155 lbs, and I think I have great glucose handling and I feel its plenty for my body to produce the insulin spike needed.

I was going to try 50/50 gatorade powder and maltodextrin, so Im going to guess I can do this:

The bag of maltodextrin is 8 ounces, but I dont have a scale to just weigh out 20g but

8 ounces = 226 grams
So if I divide the bag into 10 equal amounts, each one would have 22.6g of maltodextrin which would be perfect.

Does that make sense?

Anyone know if that makes sense?


On average 1 rounded tablespoon = 20g.

20g of Maltodextrin yeilds 74.8 cal, 18.7g of carbs(sugars). This is not a guess. I know this for a fact. I hope this helps’ Boom #80

1 tablespoon = 20 grams
73.2 calories / 18.3 grams carbs

In creating a post work out drink like Surge, should I be using a ratio of 50% maltodextrin / 50% dextrose ?

Ok, because Im apparently such a geek I called the company that packages this particular maltodextrin today and got nutrient facts and am posting them here in case anyone cares.

Per 100g it has 374 cal from 93.6g of carbs. Of which 2.8g are simple sugars and 90.8g are “other” carbs (which Im assuming are mostly complex sugar)

The package is 228g by weight, meaning 213.4g of carbs per package (93.4g X 2.28) and the package is 15oz. by VOLUME.

So it looks like 3 level tablespoons (or 1.5 oz by volume) will be roughly 21g of carbs

Like, weighed out? Because that’s about 35g of actual sugars, and 37.5g [/quote]

How do you get more grams of carbs in less total grams of powder?

Where can you get malto? And cost?

just a warning:
be careful when you buy your gatorade…one time I bought a whole case (6 cans) from Costco and only later realized that particular batch had sucrose in it…when I was currently experimenting w/ eliminating fructose. pissed me off, stupid cans sat in my closet for 2 years until my roommate drank it all…also, don’t know if its still around but Ultra Fuel (straight maltodex) used to be really cheap…