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Using MAG-10 to peak for a strength/power competition?

Just wondering want to use Mag-10 but am not sure how-have a strength contest and want to be at my strongest on the day of comp with the help of Mag-10…I don’t train the last 7-8 days before my contest so should I do the Mag-10 up to this point,and on my 7 off days use Androsol??or would it be better just to use Mag-10 up to my contest-the last 7 days are basically resting and consuming massive amount of calories… which would be the best solution-thanks

Was wondering the same thing DWood-Bill/Brock/Chris S.-anyone???

Bump…little help

Dude go on mag -10 for two weeks then two off/then back on for two with your last two being leading up to you powerlifting meet

Thanks powerman,its not a powerlifting meet though-strongman competition…anyone else have advice regarding my firsst post…thanks again