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Using mag-10 for fat loss

Has anyone had success using mag-10 as a fat-loss supplement?

It works in that it allows you to drop calories drastically low without losing lean body mass. It does have any direct effect on thermogenesis, however.

I think Joel meant to say “it does not”.

Ooops! Forgot the “not.” Thanks Derek!


Berardi wrote a really interesting piece about how steroids can affect your diet. Basically, they can really alter how your body reacts to food, whether dieting or bulking. You might try to look that up, but I think it was in a paper issue of T-mag. Much of the same info would relate to MAG-10.

Actually, I am in the process of doing just that. Here’s a quick synopsis: I have done the fat fast once previously using 4AD-EC, MD6, and T2-Pro. I dropped 20 pounds in three weeks without losing any strength. I dropped ten pounds the first week, five the second, and five the third. I followed the T-Dawg diet to come off and actually lost another five pounds over the next two weeks.

This time around, I’m doing the fat fast using the same supplements and workout protocol, except I am using Mag-10 in place of 4AD-EC. So far, after two weeks, I have only dropped ten pounds of body weight, but have actually gained a little strength. I am drawing an early conclusion of dropping body-fat, but gaining a little muscle weight. Unfortunately, I did not take any measurements before starting this round, but I do believe that Mag-10 has allowed me to maintain muscle mass and drop fat simultaneously.

You’re all cheaters and you’ll rot in hell!!! I’m just kidding. I definitely suggest you check out JB’s reading on how anabolics allow many more degrees of freedom with nutrition.

Hey, Joel, I was just reading over your “Cheater’s Diet” and was thinking about something. Obviously, the androgens helped when in the drastic caloric deficit, but I would imagine that they also helped greatly when you got your grub on. Don’t you think? By that I mean that I’m sure there was some added benefit of nutrient partitioning.

Since, I wasn’t doing any hypertrophy related weight training and wasn’t doing any weight training prior to the overfeeds, I would say that no, it had a negligable impact in that regards.

However, that doesn't mean that this isn't idea that is worth exploring. While I generally don't recommend hypertrophy training while dieting, I think this is once instance in which it may be beneficial; you could actually gain some muscle was losing drastic amounts of fat. I just put Steve Coppola (many of you know him from the forum) on a 3 week program in which he did some killer hypertrophy workouts prior to the overfeeds. His results were excellent.

There is a lot more to it than that, but I plan to outline the program in detail in a "Cheater's Diet Update" article. I've been really busy latly, but I'll try to get around to it as soon as I get some free time.

I had great success using Mag-10 while following “steroid dieting” protocol. Went from 203@ 12.5 b.f to 191@ 9.1 b.f in two weeks. Since then I’ve been altrenating 3 low carb days and 1 carb up day with an extra 1000kcal on that day. Mass has leveled off at 195lbs with same b.f. Just an idea of what to expect.