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Using Machines to Increase Vertical Leap


just had shoulder surgery for a dislocation, which means my arms will be out of the picture for the next couple months at least.

i'd like to continue to train/keep in shape in the mean time. been doing tabatas on an exercise bike, but i'd like to work towards my goal to dunk.

does anybody have suggestions on a routine/machines that i can use (that won't involve me raising my arm above shoulder height, or bearing significant weight) to improve my vert? i'm thinking leg press and hack squats so far.

i'd also appreciate suggestions on how to maintain my upper body in the meantime, if that's possible (already experiencing noticeable atrophy from 1.5 months of an immobile shoulder)

if it matters, i was at a 32-33" max running vert pre-injury, 21 yrs, no real squat/deadlifting experience.

thanks guys



Read this, concerning your shoulder. After the second question/comment to Jim Wendler, it should help you out.